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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How the Perfideous Unions and Pampered deluded 'workers' Poisoned Toyota and Putrified their own future! (Strongly assisted by the Green extremists)

As the withered leaves of failed and failing Australian industrial enterprise flutter down from the trees of our national dignity it's not the time to mince words or express sympathy. If there is a fire in a theater.. the only thing to say is.. "FIRE.. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!'  Unfortunately even the truth, at such an urgent and late stage, will mean the ensuing panic will lead to many deaths. The social impact of closures of major industrial enteprirses will have a similar effect, though this fire has a couple of years to burn. So, what, exactly is the problem?

It all boils down to one major issue. "Smugness and Arrogance" that manifested itself in the reckless and  callous disregard for the interests of their employer (and their own interests) when on Australia day 2011, which was a Thursday,  30% of Toyota 'workers' took a sickie and didn't turn up for work, to worship that idol of Aussie lethargy... a long weekend that included Australia day, the Thursday.

This morning we heard from insiders privy to the anguish of the Japanese boss of Toyota Australia about his heartache at witnessing such a travesty of scurrilous irresponsibility, which would have been felt by him more acutely than for an Australian boss, because Japan has the lowest absentee rate in the world.

As they say..'suck it and see'...well...these pampered, privileged whining workers who all of a sudden are looking glazed eyed and wearing furrowed brows are asking the media paparazi  "what will we do now? we're worried...".....   Well ....IT'S A BIT LATE NOW! you idiots.  You deserve to be struck down with the baseball bat of honest criticism, and then kicked while you are down by the boot of reality.  This is because of two major issues.

i) You were stupid enough to listen to those parasites in the Union movement who told you they could and would always get you better wages and conditions and more and more perks. They lied, you listened and now...you languish and lay in your own dying vomit like some pathetic rock star who believe he could have eternal life on 'sex, drugs and rock and roll'.

ii) You were recklessly arrogant in thinking that you can poke sharp sticks in the eyes of your employer by taking 'sickies' for your own convenience while it created economic and production hell for your source of livelihood.

It's your fault.. yours! Yes..I 'blame the workers'.... don't be so unbelievably naive as to once again believe the hype coming from Shortstuff Shorten who is ***warning*** commentators not to blame the workers. Good grief..that man is not able to put words together at the most basic level "Wiv" instead of with... "Uver" instead of 'other'.  I just wonder what goes on in your minds that you would put such a person as the alternative prime minister???

In some ways I can identify with those of you who just wanted to get on with life, and didn't want to cause a hassle with those who were highly motivated in keeping your work place unionized. For you, I do feel sympathy.  Perhaps you were intimidated to join/cooperate with the Union? I know what it's like on some work sites.. the pressure is relentless and cruel from union organizers and the general 'tone' they try to create in that workplace. (try walking onto a building site some time)

PLEASE NOTE.....that while Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Holden and now Toyota workers have all lost or are losing their jobs... guess who is NOT losing their job?  Aaaah... bingo, it's those Union 'bosses' and organizers who stabbed you in the back by those wild and reckless promises!  I can even tell you what they will most likely do from now on to ensure their own positions....they will go after other as yet not unionized professions... yes...professions, like the United Auto Workers Union in the USA did..they went and lured and enticed "Post Graduate Researchers".  Does that sound like "workers"? Nope... but hey...they can pay union dues and keep people like Bill Shorten in their Union jobs!

Do you detect a note of anger in my words? YOU BET!  It's not accidental. I've become the victim of this Union insanity myself, my wife now only has 4 days work instead of the 5 she had before the ACTU launched their 'living wage' campaign last year. Sure...they got a pay rise in the hourly rate for some workers, but those who are in companies that are at the coal face of competitive marginality....they suffer and have to make adjusments like.. "less work hours/ more efficient work".
So the $100/fortnight that DID come from my wifes pay towards our mortgage, now has to come from my own relatively meager pay. So... instead of her employer footing the bill for her 'pay rise' it's her husband.. me!  But let me remind you yet again....those ACTU monsters still have their jobs!

Folks..it's time to wake up...get up and climb onto the rooftops and shout out that you've had enough!

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