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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Have you been brainwashed about one kind of salute?

Compare these  images.  "THE CLENCHED FIST"

What's going through your mind right now ?  Is Kerry a 'revolutionary communist' ?  Is Breivick a Communist revolutionary or a right wing fanatic ?  Is Chavez a man of the same character and freedom mindedness as Kerry ? Is Chavez as bad as Breivik? Is Kerry as bad as Breivik?
How about this one!


How about the above?

Do you feel a bit confused, trying to ascribe the appropriate (to your own mind) emotion toward each image? How about the original above.. the Roman Statue?  Surely this is entirely innocent and is simply the nature of the salute?  Have you wondered why the Unite Against Fascism movement in the UK looked for the slightest excuse to 'brand' the English Defence League with "fascist" and "Nazi" character? they found some photo with a members arm raised and said.."there there he's a nazi!"  "the EDL is nazi".
The interesting thing is, that while the EDL is condemned for being anti Islamic, the Muslims using the same "Roman" salute are not accused by these left wing organizations of being "Fascist"...mainly I suspect because their own anti EDL narrative might be threatened by such an admission.

All I'm saying is, that you need to consider 'who' is telling you what to think about various things in life and why they might be saying it?   Obviously,  the ideology behind various salutes is important, but just because Hitler used the Roman Salute for his Nazi movement, does not mean this cannot or should not be used by anyone else.. after all...it's Roman not German. Those who use the clenched fist are not immune.... and if you wonder why there is no outcry against people like Mandela using it...you wonder in the right direction. Failure to condemn it, considering the atrocities committed in the name of that salute, and the millions killed (China, Russia, Cambodia).. make it  very much worth reflecting on 'why'?  The reason can only be that the mass Media has deliberately skirted this subject and given a tone and character to news about such things which does not harm a much bigger agenda.

You can think about that.

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