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Monday, February 3, 2014

Greens Sarah Hanson-Young ... the laughing stock and embarrassment of Australian politics.

As if it wasn't enough to waste bucketloads of taxpayer money in this absurd "Senate Sour Grapes" committee acting as Inquisitor of the personnel involved in the very successful Operation Sovereign Borders,  she also has to exhibit her mental absent without leave credentials by mixing up fiction with fact.
This woman is clearly one of the most deluded in Aussie politics. Worse than that, after witnessing the cataclysmic rejection by Aussie voters of her and her parties calamitous "Carbon Tax" and the pathetic Open Borders  program of hyper deception, where the Government tried to look tough while actually being weak and spineless, she still clings with her last dying senate political gasp to those crazed policies that make Mein Kampf's theories of racial superiority look entirely enlightened.

Hanson Young needs to be turfed out onto the tip of political has-beens. She is an embarrassment to Australia. One of the worst by far in many years. Our international reputation has plummeted now since she revealed her level of ignorance and her thinly veiled carnal opportunism on any issue she thinks she can hang her hat of being heard on.  She is such a hated person, that when  I did an across Melbourne survey of people I met in my work, nine out of ten people interviewed wanted to see her terminated literally..

-"Shoot the bitch."
-"Oh...'that' one.. in Italy we shot em (Greens) when they got too uppity."

and so on  was the tone of the comments.

When challenged by one of her victims about 'which show are you talking about?'...she stammered and stumbled her way into finally grabbing the only stupid words that were in her head.. "err the one about fishing boats"....

I guess that having missed her calling as a serious politician, she could always audition for a carnival clown? Or perhaps she could be the understudy for Eric Abetz's "Squawking Parrots"  in the political pet shop. (see previous article)
Hanson-Young is a national liability, our National equity and civic propriety is being drained by this unnecessary parasite like burden on our taxes and emotions.

Magazine ZOO article mocks Hanson Young and she sues.(they photoshop'd a model's body with Hanson-Young's head attached)
Senator Hanson-Young says the article implied that being a sex object was the only thing she was good for, that she was not a serious politician, that she was a "joke" and that her asylum-seeking stance had exposed her to ridicule.
This photo was published by Zoo showing Hanson Young's head on a model's body. (an insult to the model?)

stop picking on meeeeee......
The second image is apparently taken when SHY was upset over the asylum seekers predicament, but it rather fits her reaction to the Zoo pic I think.   I find it most difficult to feel compassion for Hansen Young, because she is, in my view little more than a female Pol Pot, minus the AK47's with which to terminate the politically incorrect. (Those who disagree with her)

DIGRESSION. Paul Howes (that bloke who has hardly done  a days 'real' work in his life in my opinion) is good at pontification about our national destiny, and I suspect he is sincere. Since he was healed of his youthly communist extremism by an illuminating trip to Cuba where he saw how it all worked (not)... he is treading a more conservative line in his rhetoric.  His current mantra is.. "We need a national compact between Unions, business and Government"  I do credit Mr Howes with one undeniably precise truth in his bluster.. "We must leave our incredibly adversarial system behind".... oh...oh how true!  But Howes had barely finished his enlightend remarks when Bill Shorten was interviewed and proved beyond any shadow of a doubt how right Howes was.

Given Shorten's stubborn refusal to entertain anything positive from Howes speech, and his abject abuse of Tony Abbot, it is evident that Paul Howes is aiming for his job!  That should not be too difficult when you consider that Mr Shorten cannot even say the word "with"...he says "wiv".  If we had a choice between the Howes conciliatory doctrine and the Shorten extremism, I'd choose the wiser Howes version any day.

If you wish to explore some adventurous musings on Australia's political future, you might like to invest a few moments in reading some thoughts here. If you want to deepen your understanding of the dynamics of politics overall, then I strongly recommend (as in, if I was about to die, what would the 2nd thing be that I'd tell you? (after the Christian Gospel that Christ died for the ungodly, and that through faith in him there is life eternal)  This is it===> DOCUMENTARY. 

If you clicked on that link, you will see the message "Sorry the video does not exist" which seems to be happening in just about every place on the  internet where it was previously found. If you do look, and I'll provide a workable link in a moment... DOWNLOAD it for your own sake and future reference.   It is under attack because it speaks truth to all sides of power... You will not be the same person again if you view it.  WORKING LINK
It is possible to download those files (4 of them) in MPEG4 format, it uses a gigabyte of storage. It will be without doubt almost the most important thing you can do in life at this precarious time.

What I found refreshing in it was the absence of the usual 'conspiracy' theories and wild speculation,  it was raw fact, history and interviews with the people concerned.  Once you have this information, you will then realize and appreciate why the earlier link I provided to "Towards Principles of National Renewal" is as radical as it is.  Undoubtedly, it will scare you, challenge your own myths and allegiances and cause you considerable confusion. No apologies for that. You (we) need it.

You will observe and experience a degree of "Oh come off it mate"..and "Your a wingnut" and "Pull the other one"  all of which are symptoms of an uneducated mind, that has been shaped by powers and processes such as outlined in the documentary. FDR once said.."the only thing we have to fear, is....fear itself, nameless unjustified, unreasoning terror, that paralyzes the needed efforts to convert retreat into advance".  

I challenge you the reader to rise above your fears and comfort zone, and contemplate a future managed by an elite who will turn any dissenter into thought criminals by decree rather than diagnosis, but they will also change (they already have) the diagnostic reference book of psychology to include  'ODD'- "Oppositional Defiance Disorder"  This is the kind of political correctness rubbish that the bad old "Communist" Soviet Union practices to deal with political opponents. Sarah Hanson Young and her mentor Bob Brown, along with Adam Bandt (who studied Marxism)  would easily slide into the roles of 'Thought police' in such a regime.

Reviews from those who saw this dramatic doco: "The Century of the Self"  (look at Vimeo for a working version)

this is the best documentary i have ever seen, considering i have seen quite a lot of it. don't miss out on watching something that will change your life.

I'll try not to spoil anything, but you must swear to watch this documentary. it'll change you to change the world!!!


  1. We elect people to not only be our political leaders but to set examples, the kind that we would like to follow nd maybe see our children follow. By electing fools, we not only devalue ourselves, but also our future and the future of our children.

    This bitter and angry woman has devalued all of us because she was made a fool of and that is not only a reflection on those who voted for her but the rest of us for being apathetic enough to not seriously challenge those who would devalue our way of life.

    1. Well said Burnie. As I mentioned in the post, I interviewed people ad hoc prior to attending the Joint Senate Committee on Immigration, because SHY was supposed to be on that committtee. As it turned out she was absent at the time I made my submission. Lucky for her, because I would have told her how people react to her name.


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