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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From Slavery and Servitude, to Freedom and Liberty, to Domination and Supremacy. (The Inversion of the Civil Rights Movement)

Nothing quite like the underdog to bring out the deepest compassion in an Aussie. I don't know about other nations, but it's true of us. I watched a video of a Hawk trying to kill a Jackdaw, it had it's talons firmly gripping the Jackdaws throat, and I felt so sorry for the poor Jackdaw, about the same size as the Hawk. Then the Jackdaw turned the tables, it bit and bit at the leg of the Hawk, finally making it release, then it pecked the hell out of the Hawks head and flew off safe. The Hawk then limped off into shameful defeated obscurity. I felt sorry for the Hawk.

The Civil Rights movement was characterized by a massive cry for freedom justice and an end to discrimination and segregation "Whites Only" signs... "Blacks Entrance" etc.... How could any fair minded person not feel sorry for the African Americans who suffered this indignity? But then, through the indomitable efforts of Martin Luther King jr, who gave his  own life for his understanding of racial and social justice, and because of that  vision of freedom and equality, the Negro...finally is free. No longer crippled by the shackles of segregation or the chains of discrimination.  That was in 1967 and King was no more.

His final speech* before being assassinated was most interesting.  Even in 1967 he could say that the Negro economic clout was collectively greater  than the national budget of Canada!  The population of Negro's at that time was similar to the population of Canada...this alone should tell us that either Canadians were dirt poor, or..that Negro's were maybe not quite as poor as the hype surrounding the civil rights movement proclaimed? Make no mistake, they suffered degrading and horrific dehumanization through segregation and worse, discrimination and the denial of vote. But today it simply boggles the mind to see African Americans segregating themselves at, for example the University of Pennsylvania.  "Blacks only" dormitories? Gasp!

To anyone trained in evolutionary psychology, this comes as no surprise, as it is in complete harmony with the science. Personally, I don't see skin color, except when it is thrust in my face in some kind of racial/racist way.

In a sermon titled "A knock at Midnight" King speaks of a "black supremacy is just as evil as a white supremacy".  It would seem, on the evidence, that while still a demographic minority, African Americans are clearly in a dominant position politically if you judge it by the Presidency and the Justice dept. Dominance is not necessarily a bad thing, but despotism and discriminatory injustice are.

* "I've been to the mountain top"

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