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Monday, February 3, 2014

Eric Abetz, "Parrots in Pet shops"...Not bad Eric...not bad at all mate!

This morning we had one of those succinct and penetrating barbs from Eric Abetz, Liberal party head kicker and...Abetz is the great-nephew of SS-Brigadef├╝hrer Otto Abetz, Nazi German ambassador to Vichy France from 1940 to 1944.
That last little biographical hint was courtesy of an obviously left wing editing of the Wikipedia article, and is probably aimed at undermining Abetz and the Coalition.  You know...the old 'guilt by distant relative' thingy.  I reckon that if you sussed out Abetz fuller family tree, you can probably find he is a distant relative of the Queen of England, or the Pope... who knows...but the most politically useful 'fact' about his distant rellies is obviously the one intended to 'sneak in' to our subconscious in a Benaysian subliminal way.  After all, next time we hear the name "Eric Abetz"  what are you going to think about? Politics maybe and.. SS Nazi most likely.  Well.. nothing like a bit of harsh discipline for the wankers on the loony Left, so let them do their best to de-cred him.

Well This morning Eric came out with the grand slam of zingers, when he described reaction to the Governments decision not to extend financial grace to SPC  and a few other things.. he said this:

"Suddenly all the Parrots in every pet shop were squawking about enterprise bargaining".

Now that's pretty darn good....making me wonder if he'd had advance warning of what he might be asked at the usual door stop interview ambush.  Maybe there is a 'zinger dictionary' that these pollies have hidden away in the bottom draw of their desks?  I don't know, but credit where credit is due....that was a masterful use of the English language to consign the 'Parrots' out there to irrelevance land. In fact it was so good, I suspect that global warming took a step back on hearing it!

Speaking earlier about subliminal stuff.. now, when I hear the name "Dave Smith" of the ACTU.. the only image that will enter my colorful mind is that of a squawking Parrot in a pet shop.

But Eric.....I think I can top your zinger :)

"Those privileged, pampered political parrots, perched in their parlimentary trees, pontificating about the perils of a government of the other mob" so..'there' :)

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