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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Australia- The Withered leaves of failed industrial enterprise lie all around us!

So spoke FDR in 1933 at the valley of the huge but not so great depression!  In Australia we are beginning to clearly see the true horror of the unscrupulous emissaries of the dark side in the form of greedy selfish trade unions that see only one color in their future, "Green" for the money the Union leadership hopes to make and keep by deceiving and enticing uneducated workers into following their failed leadership.  Stripped of the lure of fast profit, these agents of anguish have feathered first their own front porch, and have given each other the knowing "we'll be right mate"  *wink* as hundreds, even thousands more workers are put off while these mini me satans keep their jobs and luxurious lifestyles.

Ford?  down and out in 2016!
GM?  down and out in 2018!
Mistubishi? down and long gone years ago!  (and when they did, my son lost his job)
Nissan? Same as Mitsubishi....long gone! 

At the time Roosavelt wrote and spoke, he referred to the Wall Street speculators as follows: "The reckless deeds of these unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, and condemned in the hearts and minds of the people".

My how things have changed. It's no longer the Wall street that is the problem for Australia, it's Wharf street!  The Maritime Union, the Electrical Trades Union, the CFMEU Union, the AMWU Union and the rest of the bunch of bad apples who live the high life while the rest of us languish in the corners of Aussie society... these feral self serving Union scum, have no vision other than for their own benefit, and to hell with everyone else. They have given the Aussie people a  bad cheque, which has been returned from the bank of Justice stamped "Insufficient Funds".

But we, the people, refuse to believe that the bank of Justice is bankrupt,  we refuse to believe that there is a shortage of funds in the great vaults of national opportunity!  Soon we will be coming to cash that cheque... and we won't be coming with calmness or timidity.

Yesterday I met a man driving a forklift in the normal course of my work. He had worked in Indonesia as one of the top 10 in a large manufacturing company. Now in Australia, and with the addition of a Masters in Manufacturing.....he is driving a fork lift... moving pallets of materials around. The leaves of industry are certainly withered and continuing to wither!

This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly! Nor need we shrink from honestly facing the conditions in our country today! So we'd better get on with a sense of  urgency that matches the emergency. Restoration of justice calls for more than a change in ethics alone...this Nation demands action, and action now!

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