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Thursday, February 13, 2014

"All Muslims are liars" is this religious vilification?

Under Victorian law, such a statement would definitely come under the net of section 8 of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

How about this?

"Many Muslims are liars"

That would probably scrape in as barely legal.

or "Some Muslims are liars"... 100% legal.

This one?   "Muslims are liars"... that's pretty much the same meaning as the purported quote in the title.

How about:    "Muslim leaders are liars" 

That would be vilification.

"Many high profile Muslim leaders are liars"    That would be entirely correct and provable.  The issue would be the meaning of 'many'.

Some high profile Muslim leaders are blatant liars and 'so and so' is one of them. (Name of the Imam who claimed child marriage was not open to Muslims by any interpretation of their fath-) which was  a blatant lie.

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