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Sunday, February 2, 2014

A minimalist, cut down, pruned back, bare bones 'conspiracy' theory about Obama. (State of the Union address)

Some people love to live in the exotic forests of bizzarro land, but me..I am happy with my single gumtree (Eucalyptus Citriodora) of lemon scented reality  that towers majestically up from near my gate.  Coupled with the lush flowery leaves of my Angophora Castata, and the fragrance of my  Golden Wattles, life can seem pretty good and the rather rancid fact that I still owe $100k on the place tends to fade into obscurity. At least until Monday morning when I have to get back to earning a crust to prune down that remaining debt!

So what about this State of the Union address and Obama?  Well, speaking as a loudmouthed call a spade a spade Aussie galah, I can say one thing, the only debt I have is that $100k and we have insignificant foreign or fiscal debt to add to it.  Contrast this to the American situation where your $17 trillion translates into the traumatic and possibly terminal individual  iniquity of $50k per man, woman and child.)   It's a simple bit of arithmetic.  $17T/300million...go figure it yourself.

I wish I could say that Aussies were smarter than Yanks on these things, but we aint. We are now heading down the same 'spend it spend it all you do is spend it' path that America leads in.

Conspiracy Theory.. aaah.. that's the bit you've been drooling over right? All 5 of you who read this.

Ok.. perhaps theres 10 readers out there who were trolling around for their conspiracy theory fix for the day. Well..here is a possibility, maybe a probability.

1/ Obama gave a state of the Union address that only the seriously retarded could not see through.
He mentioned the standard 'progressive' diatribe about "more, bigger better, and we are doing great".
2/ He mentioned nothing about the huge crushing national debt.
3/ He has declared he will use 'executive decisions' to advance his agenda. (this is the one thing that FDR did in 1933 for which he was cheered by Hitler and Goebells!)
4/ In spite of the virtually unpayable debt, he raised federal employee pay (ensuring their loyalty)
5/ Once the economic poo hits the fan and people wake up to this presidents scandalous squandering of their national propriety, there will be massive social fracturing and polarizing, leading to widespread violence in the streets.

Having assured himself of Federal Employee  loyalty ($3/hr pay rise) and convinced the masses of low income and unemployed or underemployed that "she'll be right mate", (ie the ship of state that capitan Obama is piloting) and having massive FEMA camps set up and ready for any 'emergency'......

Toward the very end of his term, he might declare Martial law!  It might not seem convincing, or probable, but it is at least possible. Consider the reasons:-
-The situation really is bad, and it will become evident when decisions to fix it have to be made.. very very painful decisions.

-The real economic situation is way beyond dire.
-The remedy will cause riots and revolution.  (stirred up by ultra left wing agitators)

That's it.. When people begin to actually feel it, things will escalate, spiral, surge and mushroom out of control.

The outcome can only be.. the survival of the well connected!

As a historical analog, look at the recent discoveries on Easter Islands regarding how the population destroyed itself.
-They used to make canoes from the trees. (used for fishing)
-They also used the trees for firewood.
-Eventually they decimated the trees.
-The society polarized into groups competing for the dwindling resources.
-The lack of trees mean't there was no escape to other places ! (No Trees=No Canoes)
-Food patterns show a distinct trend from bigger off shore fish to easily obtainable shell fish close to shore.
-Once locked in to the Islands, (no trees=no canoes) the population fought each other for food and dominance.
-They self destructed in an orgy  of self preservation that didn't work.

What's that show again? "Doomsday Preppers" ....aah yes.. "Interesting" show.

BEST OUTCOME that can be expected is...that white and black Americans who currently dance to the tune called by Obama,  and the leftists in his Demobrat government, will wake up, find themselves on the road to Damascus where you suddenly see a bright light and hear a voice.. "Why are you persecuting the Tea Party, Glenn Beck and Fox news?"  where you will reply "Who are you?" and the voice will answer, "I am Truth" and you will walk blind for a while, reaching Damascus as a new person, and begin proclaiming the facts and faith you once tried to deny and destroy. Then, the Gospel of 'spend what you have not what you don't have" will be spread from Washington to Wilmington, and from the Snow capped Rockies of Colarado, to the Curvacious slopes of California, and from Greenwich Village  to Great Neck and every ideological hill and molehill of Missisippi, from every village and valley all the way up to the  few remaining sane heads in Washington and...you will at least survive.

Is that In your narcissistic and nihilistic stupidity, you will continue wander in the dry dusty desert of economic recklessness and to believe the Obama lies, the Democrat deception and the progressive prevarication,  the money will completely run out, no one get's paid, government is in chaos, society is in a shambles, and management of the social order degenerates into the mobocracy of the street hoodlum, the Dream of brotherhood descends in to the nightmare terrifying tribal hate, leaving the situation ripe for the raucous rants of the rabid agitator and the degenerate diatribe of the socialist demagogue, and by this time your brain is mush, all you believed and believed in, lies in ruins,  your receptors are only looking for  a hit of hope...no matter how ill founded, then, believing these truant terrorists and latent tyrants , you will all join voice and sing in the words of the old Communist anthem.. you are all equal....equal, thank Marx, we are finally equal........ equally poor.

If you think this is some kind of promo for the Republican Party you are very mistaken! It would if anything be a  promo for the Tea Party. (the real one...not the manufactured image of paid  unprogressive fabrication.)

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