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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Will John Setka be a victim of the current Media 'union bashing' campaign?

I certainly hope so!   I will never forget or forgive the CFMEU retards conduct during the construction of the childrens hospital and cancer hospital.....using thuggish standover and delaying tactics in the miserable interest of union greed.

At the same time, I would very much like to say that those in the Construction Company's who have enabled and given in to this kind of alleged extortion, should be brought to book as well. It's not quite as simple as that. Most companies and people are not structured along organized criminal lines where they have access to 'muscle' with which to threaten and intimidate their victims. That suit is proudly worn by the Union side in my view.
I almost puked when Dean Mighell  spoke about his ETU union being an open book... welcome to check anytime... while knowing full well all that he has done that is morally criminal if not legally so to employers and to the people of Victoria when, during a sweltering hot day one summer he (it appears) organized a massive "Sickie" day for just about every electrician in Victoria holding the whole state to ransom for more money.

John Holland Constructions is another which needs to be looked at...they won't divulge information about what deals they make with Unions...naturally... especially with Union bosses and their friends... but truth will eventually come out Mr John Holland and Co... your time will come.

All I can say is that the Media needs to be less hypocritical and more analytical with solid proof and reliable testimony.  This Union bullies are past masters of breaking the law willy nilly, but doing so in a difficult to document/prosecute way.

The ABC is to be commended  for it's tackling of the subject, a refreshing change for them since they embarrassed all freedom and truth loving people with their ridiculous jumping on board the decks of an utterly stupid and hysterical claim by some highly motivated so called asylum seekers, blaming Aussie Navy personnel for harming them.

Now the only thing in the public mind is.. "does the ABC still have any credibility?"  so.. perhaps, knowing this, they have decided to cover a story closer to home and much more in the public interest.

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