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Monday, January 27, 2014

Whiteness as a System of Oppression?

This is as bizarre as it gets.  A black 'professor' in a mixed class at a community college invites a black student to present a paper  on 'structural racism', and when  some white students disrupted the class with questions like "Why do we have to hear about this every day?"  etc.. the professor responded with: (you have to analyse this just a bit)

"We are not speaking about you (white students) personally....  we are addressing a system  of 'whiteness' that perpetrates oppression"

ARE YOU KIDDING? How can you not take it personally and individually when the teacher says publically that you (by virtue of your skin) are part of a 'system of oppression' against non whites. This she says with a BLACK president and a BLACK head of the justice dept, who by the way, both know about the call to murder and commit genocide against whites, and the call by Shabir Shabazz to murder white babies, but do NOTHING about it. (and you wonder why I'm using capitals to 'shout' this out?)  This degenerate woman, knowing full well that she has a black president, babbles about "white male supremacy".... err.. knock knock, is anyone home? Your PRESIDENT...is....BLACK.

This woman was reprimanded THEN..she and other 'professors' are making a class action against the school for 'a discriminatory workplace' ?????  Ummm

She babbled on repeatedly about 'white male' this and that, but even the diversity director of the school is... wait for it.. BLACK!  Still she is ranting on about 'white male' supremacy?  The school board rep who sent the letter of reprimand is... FEMALE.  (and sounds Jewish from the name)
This 'white male'  board which Shannon Gibney claims is 'oppressive' comprises the following:
-Philip L Davis (white male)
-Lois Bollman (white female, possibly Jewish)
-Scott Erikson (white male)
-Gale O'kane (white female)
-Mike Christenson (White male)
-Whitney Harris (Black male)

Now..statistically, Mr Harris the only black represents  16% of total board representation. African Americans are 12.6% of the population....   Females are around 50% of the population and voila, we have 30% female representation.  The 'white male' component of the Minnisota Community College leadership is....3/6 i.e.. 50%  But white people are 72% of the total population. So dividing this by 2= White males are 36% of all Americans....shock horror, there are 50% white males on the leadership.. 'must' be discrimination and white oppression....right?  Ridiculous!  Anyone who complains about 'institutional white oppression' on those figures is fit for the loony bin certainly not for a college of higher education!

As I've said.. whites... organize or perish!  It breaks my heart to use a skin color in reference to 'organize'....but the writing is on the wall.. all that MLK jr dreamed of has been hijacked and stolen by so called progressive Marxist teachers who cannot understand the problem but instead perprate an inversion of it.  Well.. you better start understanding or the 'white backlash' that MLK jr feared and mentioned in his "A knock at midnight" sermon might just come true.  Late...yes...but true.

Into the cauldron of 'backlash' goes another tried and tested Jewish Marxist (who is white by the way) who said this:

“If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! They only murder, exploit and oppress non-whites! At least a white woman can have sex with a black man and make a brown baby but what can a white male do? He’s good for nothing. Slavery, genocides against aboriginal peoples and massive land confiscation, the inquisition, the holocaust, white males are all to blame! You maintain your white male privilege only by oppressing, discriminating against and enslaving others, (Dr Noel Ignatiev")

This is National Socialist/Nazi/Holocaust  talk....from a white Jew of all people!  Myyyyyy goodness, and they wonder why the KKK arose?

SOME INTERESTING FACTS. In his message the night before his assassination (1967) MLKjr said "Individually we are poor, but combined we represent the richest group in the world except for Europe. Our combined wealth is more than the budget of Canada!"....now in a different sermon "A knock at Midnight" King says  "There are at least 22 million black people according to the Census.
Canada in 1967 was around 20 million people.  So.. do some quick math and we have African Americans in 1967 having the same (more) wealth as the whole budget of Canada, which has a similar population to the African Americans.  Can someone point out what is wrong with this portrayal of blacks in "poverty" ?..... I've never heard of white Canadians whining about National poverty.... go figure.

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