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Sunday, January 12, 2014

When the 'ugly' party becomes the most popular party.. how the Left hates that!

The liberal mentally challenged political Left, loves to hate Geert Wilders.  When I say "mentally challenged" I am not kidding. Only a retarded or mentally deranged person can look facts square on, and then declare "No, it's not what I can see in front of me".  When it comes to the presence of Islam in the Netherlands, the liberals love to ignore and deny there is a problem. "Only a foolish optimist would deny the dark reality of the moment" said FDR in his inaugural address in 1933.... at that time the depression had hit, and it was just after the heady says of the 'roaring twenties'.  You know..the charleston, financial speculation, hedonistic wild times, supreme sublime overconfidence that the wages of many sins would not be paid next Thursday.

Then, it hit. the stock market crash of 1928, and people were jumping out of office buildings in mass suicide as they realized their life savings had vanished in the blink of an eye.

FDR spoke after the event (the Crash) but Wilders is speaking before it.  Will there be a 'crash' in Holland? probably not, but there will be a clash!  It will be that unavoidable culture-a-geddon that will occur when the competitive Islamic culture increases to a point of self confidence and political clout. I'm sick to death of outlining in minute detail the underlying ideological issues with Islam, if you want to know more, just write to me in the comments line.

But Wilders party succeeded in 24 seats, and the most popular party gained only 32!  Wilders Freedom party is set to dictate who becomes 'king' so to speak.  And the Left despises that idea. Why? simple. Because they rely on being able to run the 'Islamophobic' mantra to scare people away from what they describe as 'extreme' parties. As the stark and horrific reality of Islam unleashed becomes clearer, with animal like extremists in Syria, on both sides perpetrating unfathomable atrocities and barities against each other, the 'Islamophobic' argument is progressively losing merit and impact. Not that it ever had any with those of us who know from first hand experience what true Islam is really like, but it is emerging as a hazy sunrise in the minds of previously convinced secular liberals.

No doubt they will try to cling to their 'inclusive' way of thinking, and will only be dragged away from it kicking and screaming, but.... that's our task- to educate them.

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