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Friday, January 17, 2014

Were the Fascist East West Tunnel Protesters responsible for the malicious deliberate fires in Melbourne's North?

With a week of high temperatures, apparently the hottest in the world, we also see some high temperatures in Melbournes current crop of crackheads, potheads, sexual deviants and ideological idiots who narcissistically peddle their failed revolutionary ideas like a stumbling dinosaur that suddenly finds itself alive in this day and age that has passed it by.

In the Socialist Alternative web site, they have very clear and unambiguous declarations of intent, ie.. to ferment a real and violent revolution against "Capitalism".

If this is the case, it is entirely conceivable that these dogmatic degenerates would employ any tactic to weaken the resolve of the relevant authorities. Once such tactic could be deliberately lighting fires to challenge the might of the establishment.  We should note that the fires were started near a large freeway.... that the dunderhead E/W protesters are the sworn enemy of.

Remember the protest 'organizer' Anthony Main thinks nothing of viciously assaulting an elderly man who, in Mains infamous and amoral mind, attempted to exercise his freedom of association at the Geert Wilders talk in Somerton. Fortunately there is video footage of this petty thief and crim stealing both the dignity and safety of the elderly man.  (0.40sec mark)

This sad lack of morals, lack of respect for the vunlerable elderly in the community, this intense hatred for anything different from their own view is something that police must deal with in the strongest way.

A serious problem is the Police laxness when it comes to charging these protesters with crimes committed, and their reluctance to use laws already on our books. For example, in the case of the photo below:  "The protesters had broken through security fences earlier this morning."

This falls under the relevant law in Victoria's summary offenses Act.

Using s 76(1) of Victoria’s Crimes Act as a guide, a person commits the offence of burglary if the following elements are evident:
“(1) A person is guilty of burglary if he enters any building or part of a
building as a trespasser with intent-
   (a) to steal anything in the building or part in question; or
   (b) to commit an offence-
   (i) involving an assault to a person in the building or part in question;
  (ii) involving any damage to the building or to property in the building or
       part in question…”

Section (b) and (ii) both apply to this action by the protester criminals.
If this is not enough, we also have s 52 1a of the Summary Offenses Act:

(1A)     Any person who together with others wilfully and without lawful authority besets any premises, whether public or private, for the purpose and with the effect of obstructing, hindering, or impeding by an assemblage of persons the exercise by any person of any lawful right to enter, use, or leave such premises shall be guilty of an offence.
Penalty:     15 penalty units or imprisonment for three months.

So we raise the question - 'why' are Vic police negligent in arresting these people under this clear law? These protesters do not have the protection of lawful assembly when they cross the line between voicing their concerns and physically obstructing or besetting premises.

Fire Crews bring suspicious blaze under control in Hume freeway area. 

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