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Sunday, January 19, 2014

UAW tries to 'organize' Nissan Assembly plant in the South.


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If you think the dark era of opportunistic Northern 'Carpet Baggers' invading the wounded, vulnerable South is over...Think again!  The UAW, having destroyed the Auto Industry in Detroit, and after turning that once vibrant city into a putrid stagnant wasteland of  'used to be'.... now, their lips still dripping with the blood of  the industrial carcases up North, they continue to  lust after more destruction down in Dixie.
FDR once said in a speech that was meant to introduce a new deal, "We are surrounded by the withered leaves of failed industrial enterprise"...but that failure was beyond the control of the companies due to major economic events caused by speculators. The current devastation in Detroit is entirely locally made.

In a desperate last gasp, but ludicrous attempt to regain lost financial ground due to massive decline in membership in the North (big 3)  the UAW is now trying yet again to organize Nissan assembly plant workers by hook or by crook, more likely the latter.

The Nissan assembly plant is in Canton Mississippi. The UAW has sent it's most talented organizers down there to fix it up for the Union.  But here's the kicker.....  they charge, ridiculously, that Nissan management 'illegally threatened' to close down the plant if it unionized.   Why is it ridiculous? Simple, if they make the decision, and don't tell anyone...how does that help any worker?  Can they make that decision ? Yes they surely can!  The Union is only annoyed because to verbalize such a threat is likely to dissuade workers from confronting the company. But will it....could it....happen?

Just ask Ford and GM workers in Australia mate....

Mr. King vows better results this time. “What’s different this time is there is really strong and active community support,” he said. Noting that unions in Japan, Germany, Australia and Britain are backing the Mississippi fight, he added: “That kind of global pressure on them, as a labor rights violator, will make a big difference. There are outrageous violations of the workers’ right to organize.”

This is unadulterated stinking flyblown rubbish! If you are a worker at Nissan, and you are lured and enticed to consider Unionizing, and following their failed leadership,  just remember the sad situation of Mad Max Territory now..ie...Detroit.. it's a wasteland. The workers there now get $14.50/hr and pensions and health are well... not too healthy.   Stripped of the lure of fast profit with which to entice the people to follow their failed leadership, (these Unions) have resorted to desperate exhortation, tearfully pleading and begging for a restoration of confidence in their cause. But they have far too often given to a sacred task the likeness of callous and selfish wrongdoing! (FDR)

In my great south land of Australia,   GM and FORD have both just announced closure of all manufacturing in Australia.  Toyota might not be far behind.  Chrysler, Nissan and Mitsubishi dropped like flies a few years back)  So... they will employ a lot more Thai or Chinese or even Indonesians, but of one thing you can be very sure...it will NOT bring any more employment to the USA.

The UAW still want's to play this game of Unionize and then bust.. broke..bankrupt etc...  always remember you Nissan plant workers...the only people who have  NOT lost their jobs in the massive shutdowns in Detroit are.....Union bosses.  So, if you all want to add to the unemployment queue's in Mississipi, just unionize with the feral UAW and find out how quickly you can all lose your jobs and how fast a bunch of Asians can get them. If you lay down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

To understand the hard core brute thug nature of Union Organizers, consider the following statement about organizing at VolksWagon.:
The U.A.W.’s regional director said last month that the majority of the plant’s 2,000 workers had already signed cards backing unionization.
Now this  situation with the 'cards' is where you need to know how the "Employee Free Choice Act" works. It enables a couple of Union Reps to approach workers and 'invite' them to sign a card supporting Union representation. Now...if a couple of burly blokes rock up to you,  and, looking down on you ask "Do you mind signing this card?"  and perhaps hint that there have been some..."unfortunate accidents in the area recently"  Then you know what's going on...it's called 'extortion'.  So, I have absolutely no faith in the claim that most of the VW workers have signed. Have you heard about a secret ballot? That's what ensures individuals who vote cannot be identified by Union heavies.  This 'card' arrangement is a total scam that overcomes the lack of support that a secret ballot would reveal.  In fact, my response to this kind of dog act is outlined in sections of this essay.

So, if you were a Nissan executive, sick to the eye teeth of the destructive, malicious and greedy UAW....what might you do ?

"They (Nissan Employees in Canton) worry about Mexico," McAlinder said, noting that several automakers -- including Nissan -- will be opening new factories there this year.

That's what you do!  *The End*...the Curtain is drawn, the game is over, the play is finished, the sun will soon set over employment in Canton, all because of the rapacious UAW.
The score= Mehico +2000 workers   USA= - 2000 workers.

King appears to have given up on convincing companies to adopt the voluntary "Principles for Fair Union Elections" he put forth in January 2011, when the UAW announced a $60 million campaign to organize in the South. That would have meant a pledge -- by both sides -- to abstain from intimidation, threats, and promises of increased wages. The union would have had equal access to the workforce and neither side would have disparaged the other. (source)

In this love-fest of overwhelming niceness.....it begs the question, "if no one is going to talk about more pay...why does the union need or want to be there?" Since Adam was a lad, Unions have only survived and thrived on the basis of intimidation rather than persuasion.  Ask Hitler! On a building site in Vienna he was told to join the Union, he refused, then they said "If you don't join our Union, we'll hurl you off a scaffold".  This single experience shaped his mind as few others have. The Unions were run by communists, many of whom were Jews. It's not hard to discern how his thinking was changed by this experience. "I was not able to offer resistance, so I left, much wiser for the experience".
He makes one more valuable observation that any observer of American Unions would be well advised to internalize, irrespective of the ultimate evil that Hitler manifested, this was classic gold: (see **)

By my twentieth year I had learned to distinguish between a union as a means of defending the general social rights of the wage-earner, and obtaining better living conditions for him as an individual, and the trade union as an instrument of the party in the political class struggle.
Sadly, most union activity today is based on something even more diabolical than 'political class struggle'... our era has seen the need to define a new line that they have crossed. It is the line called 'callous unbridled greed'.  I  don't know how much communist lingo and slogans they use in their Union meetings, but when they return to their lavish  plush apartments in their luxury cars and spend weekends with expensive 'boys toys' that the average bloke will never be able to afford...you know they have exceeded their use-by date in the supermarket of life.

Only a foolish optimist would deny the dark reality of the moment, and only a complete moron would give his allegiance to such feral scoundrels who squander away national opportunity and propriety. These Unionists are like predatory pirate who just want to plunder your paypacket to keep them in their Lear Jets of luxury, they are like voracious vultures who want to devour you for their own sake.

When these polished privileged pampered self appointed Unionists say they will safeguard our salaries and working conditions become like predatory pirates who plunder it, voracious vultures who devour it, and scheming scoundrels who squander it, or blind freddie who borrows it -when they allow ideological jihadists and environmental extremists to call the tune for humankind, -you could be forgiven for thinking we need to make a few changes up there!

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