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Friday, January 31, 2014

Today.. I was sexually harassed by a Transvestite!

..and it blew my mind... Here's how it went down.

I was at Bunnings, a major supplier of hardware and home improvement stuff. I drove my ute into the trade pickup area and my way was blocked by a 'person' moving some long timer. I got out to help "him?" and then managed to get my vehicle where it needed to be.  This person had a mans body, but was all dolled up on the face to look female.

When my vehicle was finally loaded, and I drove it around to the exit for checking, I did what any responsible driver would do.. I tooted to alert people walking around of my movement. As I was being checked by the gate bloke, this "person" made some loud comment about "You blew your horn... does that mean you're horny?  I love it!"

I felt like puking.  I mean... it's not enough that this poor person's brain is scrambled, but he has to flaunt it to others?  Why can't he just be what he is without shoving it down normal peoples throats?
I would have grounds for a harassment complaint, but good grief.. why punish someone who is already punishing themselves as much as this?

I've only ever seen 2 transvestites at Bunnings...the other person just bought their stuff and left. This one .. different. That makes my experience with transvestites a 50%  harassment count.

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