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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Real Reasons for Political Struggle in Australia!

If you think the Labor party is about a better deal for 'workers' or that the Greens are champions of the slithering, slimy and furry, or that the Liberals and Nationals are about "Individual freedom and destiny" you would fit into that rather broad group of Aussies who are utterly stupid, naive in the extreme, and dangerous to the health of the nation! (For an American version of "Look mum I'm a scumbag, but my public relations people will work out my public image", see *** below)

THIS is what Politics is about:

In Cabinet discussions, VEXNEWS understands that Lew chum Simon Crean has repeatedly pushed hard for lowering the threshold. His brother is on the board of Lew’s company Premier Investments although surely such venal concerns wouldn’t trouble him. (source)

Let's get our bearings:

The "Threshold"
Uber Rich Lew, a retail identity, along with his buddies like retailer Gerry Harvey (Harvey Norman) etc.. are covering themelves with sack cloth and ashes in anquish that they are not making  mega millions this year as a result of no GST on overseas purchases below $1000 in value.  Harvey and Lew both want this threshold lowered so that it complicates and delays on line purchases  from consumers, so they can buy the very next model Masarati  Ferrari or whatever trinket as and when the newest comes onto the market. Now.. the connection to Crean is linked here first:

"VexNews" is a blog thingy run by a Labor bloke who seems to have a macabre social conscience and a sense of bold adventure treading in that territory that is supposed to be the exclusive domain of the foolish and which angels avoid at all costs.
He seems destined or at least determined, to annoy everyone, including his own party...I like that.

"Lew"  is Solomon Lew, one of Australia's richest Jews and a retailer who likes to cover all his bases, such as.. er... controlling both supply and retail. Hmm..that sounds so much like "insider trading" I better not say any more!

"Premier Investments"  Solomon Lew's investment company.

"Simon Crean" is one of the Labor politicians who has a rather clean public persona, except I still wonder why he went from raging firebrand rooster when just a member of the vocal opposition to flimsy feather duster after they made him party leader! (?) I think the previous quote above spells it all out. Once you are 'the man' or at least his shadow, you come up against some rather formidable economic forces which/who can dangle your political aspirations over the fires of electoral hell and media crucifixion  if you sing a song they don't like.

Do you see the connection between the mega capitalist Lew and the Socialist/lefty Crean? It means they are all just "capitalist roaders" to quote the good ol Chairman Mao.  The only difference between the Crean clan and the Lew Mafia, is that Crean and ilk play dress up in "We strive for the working man" verbal garments, while Lews crew just live large and loud in capitalist garb up front. They are all capitalists (even the moron Anthony Main** is! a budding right wing nazi if ever I've seen one)

I can point to numerous examples of this kind of connection, but you'd probably be too depressed then to join my 'army of national liberation' ...and I need people who are just plain angry with plenty of fighting spirit, not depressed and almost disabled barely able to point a finger let alone a bone of cursing contention.

"I have a dream, that this nation will one day rise up and live out the true meaning of it's creed" said Martin Luther King Junior, "We hold that all men were created equal"...he continued, but he preceeded both of those excerpts from his dream speech with "The negro lives on a lonely Island of poverty, in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity" Hmm.. but according to the Rolex Advert that has been gracing our TV screens of late, he also sported a Rolex watch! Having checked out some 60s photo's.. I see it's true!  Now forgive me for being a tad cynical, but I cannot afford a Rolex, nor can I see "Island of poverty" in the wearer of such a trinket.  I do however see that 'vast ocean of material prosperity' in the wearer of such a device.

So, from the civil rights woffle, to the Left/Right tussle of Aussie federal politics,  it is woefully and wildly clear, that things are rarely if ever what they 'seem'. The reader would benefit greatly from viewing "The Century of the Self" in this connection and as I say to all I meet, that title is one of the 3 things I'd tell people if I was about to die. Now you'd better move fast and if possible download this classic before it's killed from the net. I have always linked people to Youtube, but it was killed there,....then to Vimeo..and just now I discovered "This video does not exist" ????  but I did find it here!....  This information is so revolutionary (and I've downloaded it myself! and have it on DVD) and is so powerful that no political party of Right or Left would want you to know about it's content!
Here is Vimeo's lame page:
This is another previously valid site about documentaries. *gone*
For the record, here is another active site (for now)

It would not do the content below or your own understanding of it any service unless you've viewed the documentary.... all three hours of it. (mini series)

Where has this left me? Beside the obvious, "Pissed off" to put it mildly, "Cynical" to put it accurately, "Angry" to put it emotionally, and "Determined" to put it aspirationally, to at least provide information to others who can actually change things for the better. Sure..I'll try myself, but while the spirit is willing the affordability is weak. If you want to (shudder) Donate to this as a 'cause' it would be greatly appreciated, I can tell you how if you  put a comment below indicating such.  I am even cynical of web sites which show dramatic, mind numbing, heart shattering tragedy and then say "Donate to fix it all"  Here is one such site titled "Muslims take Christian children and split their heads in two"  Then below it says "Donate to save Christian Lives". It worries me a bit. (a lot)..hence I don't have a 'donate' button on this blog. I have a vision, a plan, a way, but it's a bit on the scary side for many. It might be that the furthest I'll get with it is this blog. So be it.

** "Leader" of the East West tunnel protest. Also the brutal animal thug who hurled an elderly man to the bitumen in 2013 at Somerton in the name of "compassion, tolerance, inclusion and a fair go for workers".

***America, -who can forget Anthony Weiner?... candidate for Mayor of New York! Weiner by name and Weiner by game, sending Sext messages and 'selfies' of his weiner and other deplorably lame parts of his body to females other than his wife. Watching (3:40) this man lash out at the public who criticized his morals when he decided to stand yet again....for Mayor, was a site to behold.  But it seems he is increasingly typical of modern politicians. Weiner came out swinging when a member of the public dared to point out his flaws in a shop.)

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