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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Political Left- Concerned about 'rights' but Callous about injustice.

Another day, another dredged up dirt story on some left wing Politician. If it's not Dominic Strauss-Khan former International Monetary Fund head honcho trying to rape/seduce/ravish some girl, or having his sex parties, it's Fracois Hollande with this latest jump between beds, or it's some Australian like Craig Thompson using his credit card for porn and hookers or Opposition leader Bill Shortern making his secretary pregnant while engaged to the Governor General's daughter.... and so it goes on. A sorry saga of sleaze.

But Mr Shorten is very vigorous about 'workers rights' he says....

Nah..he like all the others just want power, money, sex and luxury. End of story. That's my opinion.

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