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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Dirty Truth behind Ariel Sharone.

I've now heard a number of Western and Middle East (Al Jazera) commentaries on the life of Ariel Sharone. Invariably, they bring up his 'culpability' over standing back while Christian Militia's massacres PLO inhabitants of Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps.

The question people should be asking is....'why' did those Christian (nominal) Militia's suddenly descend on the PLO and massacre so many?

To answer this question we need to note some dates and events.

Jan 20  1976  the Christian town of Damour south of Beruit, with a population of around 25,000 men women and children, was attacked by PLO mercinaries who shows no mercy to young and old alike. Babies.. mothers... the elderly.. all slaughtered for the 'strategic' value of that town. How many times have you heard about this?  You are hearing about it now!

Images from the Damour Massacre:
Body Parts of Christian children in Damour, inflicted by PLO jihadists. 1976
You can do wider reading on that event for your own intellectual satisfaction.  The point I'm making is simple.. you cannot understand the wrath of the Christians at Sabra and Shatila which occurred in 1982 apart from this background event.

1976  Damour: Thousands of Christians massacred and made homeless in Damour.
1982  Sabra and Shatila:  Revenge of Christians against those who slaughtered Men, women and children, young and old at Damour.

The dirty truth is not 'of' or about Sharone, it is of those who accuse him of evil in relation to Sabra and Shatila without a syllable of reference to Damour.

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