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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Demise of Glenn Beck?

Of course not!  Beck is bigger and bolder than ever... he is rapidly becoming 'mega'....but:

I think Beck's choice of his main Content Officer:

Speaking to Politico, TheBlaze’s President & Chief Content Officer Joel Cheatwood said, “Glenn has never been a guy, at least in my time with him, who has accepted the norm…A good idea is really not good enough. It’s got to be a really great idea. A big idea should be bigger. And he’s always, in a good way, pushing all of us to take our ideas to the next level. And he usually comes in with one that’s 15 stories above where we’ve been.” (Source)

Note the name of the 'content' officer ?  "CHEATwood"... you can't make this stuff up.  It means nothing about the way he handles his job, but the name certainly made me look twice.  It's a bit like "Creflo DOLLAR" the Televangelist, who lives, it seems, for the almighty dollar...lots of them. Dollar by name and Dollar by game.

Then there is Al Gore and David Blood at the helm of "Generation Investments LLC"... often referred to as.."Blood and Gore".... aaah.. names.

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