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Monday, January 27, 2014

The blatant Racism of Progressive Politics

As much as they bleat about the equality of all people, they far exceed their ideology with such pernicious social heresy that it boggles the mind.

The numbers are stark. Just 8.2 percent of about 1.9 million federal workers are Hispanic, compared with 15 percent in the private sector, according to an Office of Personnel Management report released in September. By contrast, African Americans make up 18.2 percent of the federal workforce, nearly double their percentage in the private sector. (Hispanics represent 17 percent of the U.S. population, while African Americans make up 13 percent, according to the Census Bureau.) (source)

You don't need to have a degree in clear thinking to realize instantly, that this 'progressive' oriented article is rabidly racist. Instead of speaking about 'humanity' it speaks of races, and divides a united nation into polarized and competing racial corners which are trying to win the title of champion in the stakes for federal jobs.  If this were not racist by nature, it would not separate people into races, it would treat them as humans without a racial tag.

Notice also how this article tries to specify that where Race 'x' is 'n' percent of the population, it is only a fraction of that in federal jobs. But the reason given is that race x lacks the 'network and connections' that other races have.  In other words, this article and the politics behind it, is seeking to racialize job competition on the same (spurious) grounds that they claim have given success to other groups.  The main target of course is old 'whitey'...

If these political social warmongers were pure, they would not be trying to use race at all for ethnic gain. But furthermore, if... and it's an important 'if'....the existing federal employees are in their positions because of 'networks' etc,   this movement is seeking to duplicate the same corrupt process for another race.

What in the world are these social ferals going to do when they manage to attain a percentage of federal jobs which matches their percentage of the population?  Suddenly stop campaigning? Hardly, that is not the nature of the normal human animal.  A more likely scenario will be that they do two things, i) Continue to wave the racism flag high and mighty, ii) Continue to try to advance the race based employment agenda they began with.  Disproportionality will not be recognized at all, and any attempt to highlight such, will be denounced as racist in the harshest way.

Thus it is clear, that minorities are just as racist now and going forward as they claim the majority whites are already. The question though is whether whitey is actually as racist as they claim? This might depend to some degree on which region (north or south) of the USA we speak of. But a cursory glance at the names of various people in positions of authority and power reveals a hotchpotch of racial backgrounds. The mayor of New York..  we have Bloomberg the Jew, Cuomo the Italian Governor, Kelly the Irish Police Commissioner, but they are all 'white' therefore they are an easy target for the racist progressives trying to use a blanket term 'white' to justify their own race based agenda.

It is absurd to think that Italians and Irish and Jews all think the same, and offer employment to someone based on their skin color... each of these groups has their own social and political agenda, and in the case of the Italians, it went so far as to have an organized crime boss, Joe Columbo forming the "Italian American Civil Rights Movement" where he claimed Italians were being 'persecuted' by the majority non Italian establishment.  Columbo was only interested in his own protection from the FBI, not the well being of the tens of thousands of ordinary Italians he was exploiting and dragging into drug addiction and other rackets.

According to John Dewey, speaking about education, people form their  opinions from their interconnectedness with those around them, parcticularly during the formative years at school, but it applies equally to communities exposed to the mass media.  I do hope that all Americans will take a step back and ask 'who' is behind racialized politics and 'why'.   In the absence of you, the reader doing any serious study on the subject, I can offer a couple of thoughts. The people doing this, are interested in self advancement, and are using these volatile issues to bring about that advancement. They seek social, political and economic advantage and prestige. If you are such a Lemming to follow their shallow simplistic speeches and inflammatory rhetoric, I guess you deserve all you get.

As for the shamefully intimidated, cowering, cringing, self absorbed narcissistic apathetic whites, that goes for you too. It's about time we turned that cowering into stand tall, head held high advance and dealt with the scheming scoudrels who squander our national propriety by pandering to the cacophony of progressive voices. In short.. Get Organized or Perish.  If you are being criticized by people who hunger and thirst to act in the same way but with them in the drivers seat...you only have your ignorant selves to blame for not acting as you should in the face of this primal race based attack.

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