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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Best University for your Political Science degree.

It's called....the Bible. Does that word "Bible" scare you ?  (feel free to imagine a huge black King James in my outstretched and shaking hand) Woooooo !!!! Scareyyyyy stuff... (surely you are neither a wimpy fraidy cat nor a closed minded bigot right?)

Having now studied Political Science from Plato etc  Rome, down through Machievelli, the Endarkenment (=my opinion of the period)  and onto the existential/nihilistic/narcissistic   modern era. (Through Yale, Berkeley and Harvard)  I now look back and think..."Well blow me down, it was there in the Bible all along!"

To be more specific, if you read the Good Book from Genesis through to  the end of II Kings, you will have it all in a nutshell. Feel free to leave out the 'spiritual' bits if that is not your liking, there's plenty of solid political 'meat' there to build your intellectual muscles.

I've been recently reading Joshua and Judges, which reads a lot like the events in Syria and Iraq right now judging by the news.  You will observe in those books, a lot of political psychology, human nature and raw rubber meets the road politics.

If you want to gain a glimpse of current events in Israel, Syria and Iraq...I recommend a read of Ezra and Nehemiah because the same  racial/religious groups/dynamics are involved and the same tactics are being used.

Your course of study called "Hermeneutics and  Exegesis" will equip you for any position in a political party, you'll know what to expect.

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