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Friday, January 31, 2014

The ABC, corrupt and clown-like in their pathetic defence. (Asylum seeker claim "burned by Navy" saga)

Today we had the full story about this bloke who claimed "The Navy forced me to hold hot engine parts which burned my hands"... and here it is!

When informed their boat was being returned to Indonesia, this man became agitated, argumentative and uncooperative. All told, he was out of control.  The Naval personnel used capsicum spray used for controlling uncooperative offenders. After being sprayed..THEN he claims he lost his footing and fell down grabbing the hot engine parts!

So this is a wide world away from the wanton and flagrant messing with the facts that the ABC  indulged in a few days ago where, (while knowing these facts) they reported only the final part of the man's story "The Navy made me burn my hands"  which by itself sounds incredible and unbelievable.

In any case, of all the things happening in Australia, why did this particular event rate so high as to be the repeated headline over many ABC broadcasts?    It then generated the expected 'responses' from key politicians, and created a 'tone' in the community that raised doubts about the Navy conduct, and of course it sullied the image of the real target...the Coalition government.

The long and the short of it is that ABC credibility has taken a serious hit, and will not be viewed as either balanced of objective in future.
Having said that, there are some individuals who rate special mention for their superb efforts to ferret out truth and underlying motive. Chris Uhlman, Leigh Sales,   the 7:30 report team (most of the time) and 4 corners (again, most of the time).   Now..having said 'that'  (this is journalistic nesting) the danger for the public is when a show like 4 corners has very high 'cred' most of the time, and their journalism excels, it's that occasional 'attachment' so to speak 'payload' to use computer virus terminology that is the danger. 

Untruth or distorted truth, is best received by viewers when delivered in the seemingly benign context of a high credibility show.  This is classic propaganda methodology and the details of how this is done are easily found in the book "Propaganda" written by the man who modernized and manipulated the basic principles into useful mass media methods- Edward Bernays.  His Uncle was Sigmund Freud, and younger 'Eddie' applied the principles of psychological manipulation of the subconscious provide by his Uncle Siggy.  It's worth googling Eddies full name and Wikipedia shows a number of his raging successes that will immediately ring true to the reader.

To use an example from National Socialist propaganda (which was ironically based on the Jewish Bernays principles and his book "The Engineering of Consent" which was acquired by Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister)  - we can look at the use of statistics and surveys.  This little trick is being used every day on ourselves by the major pressure and lobby groups such as the homosexual advancement lobby "Equality Australia".

The Nazi's produced some very factual information which showed the proportion of  various races in Academia at many Universities across the Nation.  They did not really have to 'spell out' their Jewish Problem, it was there for the nation to see in black and white.  The Legal and Banking and Medical professions included high percentages of Jews, way out of kilter with their percentage of the population. One figure that comes to mind from memory is the Law faculty at one University had 13% Jewish professors, while they were only 1% of the population.  This reality was not lost on Hitler who was attacked using the legal system by a Jewish lawyer named Hans Litten.

So, surveys are funded and flaunted by lobby groups such as the Greens under homosexual Bob Brown and now under Christine Milne. The average person does not ask about how questions were formulated, or whether particular postcodes were used for the survey, and assurances that they are 'scientific' are ludicrous when you know the social/political position of the funder of the survey.
A common one is from the 'Fairfax Neilson' group.  This is a left wing media organization. No surprise that their 'survey's' generally result in supportive outcomes for their pet causes.

The ABC and all Media interests are part of a Matrix that we need to be aware of, and it is up to us to use our brains and keyboards to sus out all sides of an argument or issue and as far as possible, investigate original sources.

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