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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sweden and it's socialst last gasp. "Wagearner Funds"

The Social Democrat plan calls for the setting up of 24 such funds in 24 different local authority areas of Sweden. Boards comprising trade union officials and politicians would be elected to manage the funds and, ultimately, the industries taken over.
Per Martin Meyerson, an economist with the Federation of Swedish Industries, estimates that it would take five years for the funds to control all private industry in Sweden. (source)

 I guess you would call that 'Socialism by stealth'!

The Plan

The plan calls for the establishment of so-called "wage-earner funds"  The idea is that a percentage of companies' pre-tax profits plus a percentage of workers' wages would be allocated to collective funds which would buy shares in the companies, gradually taking them over.

But here's one problem....what if the existing stock holders don't wish to sell? Are they going to send  a couple of burly men to their doors late at night to 'persuade' them? Probably!

I do find the idea of taking money from the workers as well as the company attractive, and also the idea of buying shares in the company.. (if they are available to buy).. this would give the workers a decent incentive to make the company productive.. yes..I like this! (amazingly)  Then the dark clouds of reality will gradually overshadow them when they find they must become more efficient and shed labor costs to remain competitive in the world market. Ooops....... that means machines "in"..and workers "out" and there you go, back to the very same predicament that the so called "capitalist bosses" previously faced.

Hmmm....now 'who' would be making the decision about who goes and who stays? Yessss..I'd like to be a fly on the wall of 'that' meeting!  I'll bet you a million bucks on one thing... the  worker representatives on the 'board' will never declare themselves redundant! 

Oh well Sweden...have fun with that. But while you are at it, you might like to pay some attention to the growing swelling racial/religious/unemployment problems in Malmo where your generosity to migrants  has turned in to animosity against you, and will continue to do so until you get the 'luminosity' of insight to see where you went wrong. 

Oh..one more thing, you need to change your national culture to be more 'Germanic'..... your current
"Ta det lugnt"m -- "Take it easy."  attitude will not serve you well, but more than likely result in 'servered' heads when the "Allahu Akbar" mob start to explode car bombs to intimidate you. I don't think "take it easy" will work for you then.  Nope..at that time you better recapture the real 'good old days' of Viking raids and pillaging of the Poms but refocus on the Muslims who will unquestionably try to raid and pillage Sweden (and bizarre as it sounds...you invited them there!)..  or..maybe you Swedes are err...second rate Vikings? 

You are obviously a bit silly in the head Swedes, I mean..can you imagine the Poms of Britain inviting you to come and raid and rape and pillage and steal land? Umm..I think not. Nope.. heretical as it might sound...the time is long past for some ethnic cleansing.  Yes, you read that right "Ethnic-Cleansing"  Just look at the mass protests and demands of the Africans in Israel now... and learnnnnnn from it.  See you soon, hopefully not under the tyranny of the crescent, but rather triumphantly holding up the national flag.

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