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Friday, January 31, 2014

SPC Ardmona.. David IS the Goliath!

The government decided today that the fruit processor and packer SPC Ardmona near Shepparton will not receive any Government money to help them re build infrastructure to be more competitive.

They asked 25 million from the State (Vic) government, and 25 Million from the Federal.  Their parent company Coca Cola Amitil was prepared to provide 90 million if the other money was forthcoming.

Coca Cola Amitil received a profit of $200 million in the first six months of 2013..not a bad drop of cash.  Given that they are operational in Victoria, how about they share a bit of the truckload of cash with their economic love child SPC?

There is a surreal sting in the tail of this story.    Recently we had something called the Gonski report into remedying the various levels of disadvantage in Australian education.   The idea was to spend money in a way which specifically brought 'up' those with socio economic backgrounds considered 'disadvantaged'.    Mr Gonski seems to have a passion for the poor....that's why he lives in a Point Piper mansion on Sydney's harbour, thats why he has his fingers in more capitalist pies than you have fingers and toes.  But his message is always to 'help the downtrodden, the disadvantaged' etc.. hmmm.. it reminds me of Dr Martin Luther King saying "The Negro lives on a lonely Island of poverty, in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity"*.....while he had a very expensive Rolex watch on his waving frantic hand!
The Negro lives in Poverty......(see it? Left hand)
There is an air of hypocrisy or. "sure.. all you average tax paying Aussies out there.. you should fund this great plan of mine...while I live in Point Piper in lavish luxury"

Anyway..the point of mentioning this is that I must ask you to guess who is the Chairman of Coca Cola Amitil?    If you guessed.. GONSKI you get a prize.  Now I wonder how strong his passions for the poverty stricken and unction for the unemployed will be now that the Government scuttled the ship of economic hand out for SPC?  He has around $400 million in full year profits to play with.. gee.. a $115 Million total to get a viable business going again and  then generate real profit....seems like a wise invesment..not to mention all those jobs that will be saved and all that disadvantage that will be averted....

We do need to be soft hearted,   we do need to be soft mannered, but we CAN NEVER be softheaded!   If our tax dollars are given to a 'son' (SPC) while "Dad" (Coca Cola Amitil) is rolling in money... I think that fits into the soft headed category. 
"A day later".....More details have come to light about the 'Cost of Labor' in terms of perks, and privileges (there are no 'rights' in this world other than life) and a list of working conditions and extorted entitlements that make the whole process unattractive  for an investor. You see.. Mr Gonski at the helm of good ship "Help the disadvantaged to achieve more equality" .. who waves his hands around frantically to gee up the polies on the Left to give more money to the educationally disadvantaged (in the eyes of the socialist mindset) but then, it seems he also want's to help the disadvantaged in SPC by not opposing their demands for  'greater dignity, great working conditions and even greater wages'. 
Now.. this business approach has Boooomeranged back and hit him on the head at the board meeting, where the survival of the whole company is in question because of..... wait for it.... 'the cost of labor and new capital machinery'.  Even if they find the new machines with CCA money, I doubt they would keep the same number of workers, because unless they can create instant higher demand, that the machines cant cope with....but wait.... why would you buy machines that don't have the flexibility to upscale in the event of bigger market share and sales? Only a complete drongo would do that. 

So, no matter which way they cut the re-development cake it must mean LESS jobs. Now we come to the tricky part.  How many of you SPC workers are going to be sacrificed on the blood stained alter of the Unions 'captains pick' of who works and who doesn't?  This is where Unionism becomes awfully ugly and primal. So.... I suggest you blokes who think you might be on the margins of the Union bosses  'favorites' list  FORM an alternative Union or worker association.  The choice is simple.. form your own body of believers, or.. be battered to social and employment hell by the devils of the current Union who see you as canon fodder for bolstering their OWN position and job security.

The Union leaders will utterly hate reading this, because they know it's true. Well.. get over it ! 
A certain high profile, long dead European leader once said "By my twentieth year I

He also wisely said: 
it is not the task of the trades union to band together certain men within the national community and thus gradually transform these men into a class, so as to use them in a conflict against other groups similarly organized within the national community.
But if you look at the CFMEU and ETU this is exactly how they have formed themselves! It is absurd that a builders laborer can be paid $100k and a teacher $55k  This denigrates the value of the teachers education!

When I was twenty years old I had learned to distinguish between the Trades Union as a means of defending the social rights of the employees and fighting for better living conditions for them and, on the other hand, the Trades Union as a political instrument used by the Party in the class struggle. 
Now if a twenty year old in Europe can see this, why can't you SPC workers?  No matter which way you slice and dice his situation, the Union are the bad guys.
Scenario one: "It's not about ideology or socialism or destroying the state"... ok..then its about greed, its about continually getting more, bigger better for the workers and screw the company, the managers and most of all the Aussie consumer"!  This approach causes the workers to lose.

Scenario two:  It is about ideology and the real goal is too weigh down Aussie industry to ultimately bring in the conditions for a socialist revolution!"  Under this scenario, the workers lose.

You need a NEW approach, one which is used in Germany, and look at them? Just LOOK at them! There approach is to have worker representatives on a whole of 'company' committee that looks at many issues that effect workers and sustainability of the company.  This can only work if you are separate from the Union bosses who are driven by either cranky ideology or striving for relevance in always looking like they are getting you a better deal. But always remember..'they' don't lose their jobs.. YOU do!  You cannot live a rich mans life on a poor mans economics. If the industry works in a competitive environment, you must take whatever pain is needed to remain competitive and profitable. If you want a slice of the profits.. BUY SOME SHARES like everyone else! 

Remember, that work place exists only because of people, mums, dads etc having invested their money, their super etc..in this company to enable it to buy real estate, machines and pay accountants and managers and laborers/skilled workers. 'THEY' are your boss,  the investors and if they don't get a reasonable return for that investment, they have every right to ask 'why?' and if you forget that and wander off into the twilight zone of "me me me first second and last"... to put it simply, you will be relegated to the human scrap heap of 'past use by date'.

* ("I have a dream" speech Aug 23rd 1963)

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