The Pen is mightier than the sword, but the Pen must sometimes move the sword against corruption if the corrupt are not moved by the pen.. An idea without an implementer is useless. "The Rulers do not carry the sword in vain"Rom 13:4

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some "sh" and 's' s for a sermon.

Sometimes we are shocked at how far we have drifted from truth.  When confronted with bare naked reality, it can stun us, it can stir us from our lethargy, shake us in our apathy and hopefully shift us into high gear.
The late Dr George Mosse used to begin his freshman History program at Wisconsin University with these words. "I will judge the effectiveness of this course by the number of suicides at the end of it!"  and he was not joking.

Truth can shock, it can dispel the numerous myths that we have accumulated over the years, it can sway us from our flawed foundations. When the truth we see is in stark contrast to the myths we love, it can make us shudder in fear and self doubt.

Fortunately we have an assured Savior "I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life"...saving us from self inflicted stupidity, from fraudulent  falsehoods and fragile fantasies, causing us to stagger and stumble on the highway to hell, and providing a 'detour' sign to the haven of heavenly bliss in Christ.

"Shaken not stirred" said James Bond secret agent.  I wonder how many of his deluded fans realize that the reality of Sean Connery was everything but smooth, suave and secure? It is on the public record that Connery purchased a bizarre object called an 'orgone accumulator' and rather than providing a sagacious shrewd summary of what that thing is supposed to do, you might like to look it up yourself.

Secure, solid and sound, -they are the characteristics of knowing Christ.  Perhaps it's time in our lives when we subjected ourselves to some truths that firstly shock us, then shake us, then stir us and finally shove us out into the place where truth is needed more than ever -the political realm! 
Slavery was not shut down by shy men sitting in quiet places writing out suggestions for their local member. It was shut down by a dynamic and driven class of men like William Wilberforce who took it to the only place where it could be shut down....to the Parliament.

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