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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Corrupt Australian Construction Industry -Rehabilitating the ABC ?

I tend to pick on the ABC for it's nefarious selection and emphasis or lack thereof, where balanced Journalism long ago went out the window being replaced by prejudice, lack of neutrality and more important the core material it decides is..."News".
But...today I am happy to report that there is a glimmer of redeeming hope in the ABC and, dare I say, another lefty rag the Sydney Morning Herald.  They, along with Paul Murray of Sky news, have all put the corruption of the construction industry at center stage!

This gives me a bit of hope, but not a lot. This corruption is widespread, virtually universal in that industry and the CFMEU and ETU are notorious for  illegal self serving 'gang' type conduct.  I was a bit stunned when the news mentioned mainly the AMWU union, which seems to be like driving a huge silver spike into the coffin of a long politically dead Juliar Gillard.  (look up the Gillard secret payments scheme stories).
I've watched the smug arrogance and narcissistic bluster of Union representatives on building sites which I visit regularly. There are many big and angry males in that area.  I hope this proposed royal commission will cull the evil creatures of  Union darkness once and for all.  Sadly, whatever happens will need to be on going, because while it's hard to keep a good man down, an evil man is much much worse.

So... a big bouquet  of sweet smelling flowers to the ABC for being willing to run this story at all.
I am particularly proud of Paul Murray (Sky News) for speaking about it, because I know from personal experience that Union types are quick to try to identify the homes and families of those who speak against them for obvious reasons.

Onya Paul, Onya ABC and the SMH.

PS... nothing like this happens without a calculation of benefit, and I remain skeptical about the apparent altruism of the various media identities mentioned above, so time will tell.

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