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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Put the Political Donkey's out to Pasture! (Bill Shorten, this means you !)

Aussie Politics.

Have a read of this political cartoonist/insider's information about Labor Party leader Mr Bill Shorten and others.   Then read on......

We, the people of Australia, are sick to our eye teeth of these dillbrains and drongos in Parliament, their dirty deeds (done dirt cheap), their dodgy plans and their disastrous policies and degenerate lifestyles.  We are sick of their sugar coated promises and  their back room deals.  It's about time we farmed out these feral Donkey fools to the back paddock at the glue factory for future processing.

They clamor to be the administrator of  solutions, but for goodness sake, they were the architects of the problems!  Each time I hear their hypocrisy, that little vein in my temple pulsates and throbs  with the meltdown of my biosystem , I feel that I'm very much closer to death than need be! Perhaps that's the final relief that will set us free from the shenanigans of these annoying sordid sailors on the ship of shame on the sea highway to hell. (stretched/mixed metaphor but you get the idea)

You know things are bad when you contemplate that death might be a preferable solution than life under the control of such pigs.

Ultimately, we must all learn to be makers rather than takers but people like Bill Shorten are notoriously unwilling to sacrifice their flawed, out of date Marxist mantra's for some serious bipartisan political solutions.

It's about time we ended our poverty stricken adversarial political system. It boils down to two groups of "me and mine first second and last".  Well, the nation won't last long in that mode. Their putrid pretensions and posturing are pathetic. If a man cannot keep his penis in his pants (Shorten?) and can turn his secretary into some kind of bizarre sex toy just prior to marrying the Governor Generals daughter.... what does this say about a man who would rule the nation?  Degeneracy on the throne results in degeneracy in the market place. Just ask Marie Antionette Queen of France some time back.

By contrast we have Tony the political rabbit. All posture and no potency. Powerfully disciplined in the art of saying nothing, doing little and trying to convince us that he's on schedule.  The Greens are dancing around in their robes of hypocrisy, lying through their teeth, and when we have a record HOT day "It's global warming"..when we have a record COLD day... it's "Climate Change" rather than 'warming'... in other words they say what suits their nefarious all controlling agenda. Who does that leave us?  The stupid socialists and their 'revolutionary' rabble. All these twits can do is look around for some progress and then make nuisances of themselves trying to make the rest of society as retarded as them.

There is an answer and though I don't have a high confidence level that it will come to pass, at least I can write it in the hope that someone younger will take it up.   If you read it, keep in mind a background anecdote that happened just today with a man I met in Melbourne. His occupation is to build high rise buildings, skyscrapers in Melbourne, and I asked him about the CFMEU and if they caused him any problem.  "Just don't get on the wrong side of them" he said.. I responded "But don't they keep on demanding more, bigger better for themselves?"  "Yep" was his mute reply. Then I saw another builder who is from a particular ethno religious group in Melbourne. He seems to be doing very well.  Then I thought..... if one builder wanted to do really well in this city, one way he could do it would be to simply bribe the Union leaders (not known to the members) so that they left his company alone. That is the kind of power that the construction unions have now.

Now.. a solution.

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