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Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Pope" Gareth Evans speak about the pure Aussie 80s on A-pac and Evil Indonesian CORRUPTION!

Goooo Gareth!  yep..let's sink the hobnailed boot into dem Indo's mate... give em hell !

How things  appear in retrospect!  Today I'm watching that eloquent purveyor of political pronouncement- former Aussie Foreign Minister Gareth Evans ("Dr" no less) pontificating and discoursing on the dark days of the  (echo effect)..."80s" when apparently  our holier than thou (specially them Indoneshians!) purer than the driven snow Government had the gall to point out El Presidente Suharto's rather sizable financial interests in his country. (now put on your most outraged and shocked face! open your mouth.. furrow your brow, gasp a bit in hyper holy offense!!!)

IMAGINE IF..... (this might prove a tad painful)
The Suharto regime has had it's intelligence gatherers tapping Gareth's mobile phone, and then they fired back at Evans..."Well Encik Gareth, we can play that game too... if you can point the cursing bone of accusation at our President...how about you stop humping and committing 'zina' with  your political rival Cheryl Kernot leader  of the Australian Demobrats?????"


No wonder Gareth looked particularly uneasy when he had to use the word "affair" in the course of his talk... different context of course.

Then, the Indo's could have bugged Eddie Obeid's phone and slammed Gareth to the mat  and dropped  some juicy tid bits into his gaping gasping mouth about who really runs the show here?

Or they could have bugged Craig Thompson, or Michael Hutchinson's phones and shot off a few Bornean blow pipe darts about using Union funds for high class hookers and nepotistic business playpens that Hutchinson was happy to build. (with Union money of course-remember..he was Labor)

Or....they could have got all steamed up about John Maitlands coal mine that MacDonald gave him without tender... or how about  Joey Trepidation (Joe Tripodi) and his alleged dark root and branch connections to the alleged Obeid shadow evil empire?

*OUCH* yet again!  In fact.. so many *ouch's* that the lamentable Labor lushes would look like they'd been stung by a thousand African killer  bees!

Political and Moral slurs have characteristics closely comparable to a Boomerang.  The main one is that it comes back at ya.

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