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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Political Policy and it's result- Angry People

Imagine for a moment.  Due to an adversarial political system. "workers vs bosses" sort of thing....a government makes many policies, then promotes them in the hope that they will be elected.
Consider though, that due to the urgency of 'getting elected'...a party makes offers and policy positions that it absolutely knows are dangerous and unsustainable for the nation but are more likely to get it into office.... why would they do that?

If you ask me.. I'll give the very cynical answer and mention a few names.. (Aussie context) Eddie Obeid, Joe Tripodi, Craig Thompson, Michael Hutchinson, John Maitland  and ilk.  To find details of those, just google the name and add "controversy" to your search criteria and you're on your way.

But then, it so happens that another party get's elected for a number of reasons, perhaps their promises were more juicy? Perhaps the Media had taken their side and used careful selection and emphasis to create a 'mood' more beneficial to the party they want elected? All of the above?

But no matter where the starting point is declared (for this entry)... Let's say that the elected party then went ahead and said.. "Voters.. you put us here to fix the country, and fix it we will... the following programs we said we would preserve are going!"  

A lot of people who's hopes and aspirations are tied to those unsustainable programs and policies are going to be annoyed and angry that they have now lost their way. Result..ANGER!!! incandescent anger it might be said.

But so what? Angry people are irrelevant to the survival of the State. (unless there are enough of them and they quickly import a few rocket launchers and AK 47s.)

We need to reconfigure our education so that the National Interest always takes precedence over the private or the unsustainable.  Sadly, most people have a different view of what the "National" interest is, and they interpret it through the lens of self interest.

I guess it will never disappear eh?

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