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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Only the dishonest and malicious demand 'Equality'.

The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal (Aristotle)

This is primarily because the advocates of 'equality' never mean true equality, they mean dominance.
Not only that, they have a very shallow understanding of the many aspects of equality and gender.Take for example the nefarious and hopefully soon to be infamous "Marriage Equality Australia" run by the immoral and deviant 'progressive' mafia don Rodney Croome.  Croome has no interest in true equality, he just means:
i) Let me and my homosexual mates all have access to the same legal protection as heterosexual couples in 'marriage'.
ii) Then let's shut the faces and voice of all critics, marginalize, harass and hound them out of mainstream society so we can get on with our deviance in peace.
For a philosophical discussion of "Equality" see this reference.

Croome always addresses something that is not there... he postulates that the enemies of homosexual deviant marriage always predict this and that outcome. (some well might) He then addresses his attack against the least rational, most hysterical jingoistic elements of those against gay marriage.
This might make him and his cause look strong, but only to the shallow minded uncritical thinker...which I suspect is the condition he hopes most of the voting public might be in.

If Kevin Andrews was only concerned about science and what is good for families, he would be one of Australia's foremost advocates for marriage equality, (writes Rodney Croome.)

Croome's reasoning is that because some obscure person predicted the sky would fall in if Gay marriage was legalized, and it didn't...therefore the whole case against homosexual marriage is done for. Ridiculous!

Croome's insane propaganda continues:
In his book he declares same-sex marriage will lead to "group marriage" and undermine religious freedoms.
The science shows this is not true.
A comparative analysis of the effects of marriage equality in the first jurisdiction to allow it in the world, Holland, and the first in the US, Massachusetts, shows none of the negative consequences predicted by opponents of reform actually came to pass.

Croome must be a liar or simply lead a sheltered life. The anecdotal evidence is far stronger than Croome's pet 'science'. BASH BACK is a militant homosexual group in the USA which has invaded Churches, indulged in the most insidious and sexually graphic behavior in full view of the traumatized congregation and trashed property. Of course you won't find that in Croome's study.
The key word in Croomes litany of lies is "predicted". No one predicted anti Christian terrorism from homosexuals..so... it won't be counted by Croome.  He is also a liar on the basis of another subtle aspect... he knows full well that while Australia has not condoned homosexual marriage, Muslims have called for the recognition of polygamy.  But his framing of the debate "Since" various states have adopted gay marriage.... "None" of the predicted negative consequences have come to pass".....

Croome seeks to gain the credibility of UCLA Professor Lee Badgett who looked for "Movements towards the recognition of multiple-partner marriages, infringements of religious freedom, declining rates of heterosexual marriages and changes in school curricula, and found none."  Does this mean none were there to be found????
How about this one !  "BeyondMarriage.org"

This deviant group of celebrities and regressive fools are driving the exact agenda Croome lyingly claims do not exist. But Croome, being well trained, has his 'plausible denial' on standby ie.. "Oh Oh... I relied on the work of Professor Badgett"

This is the absolute core nature of propaganda. It must have enough truth in it to be believable or plausible.  The truth contained in propaganda is just a granny clothes disguise for the real payload of untruth.

 When the founder of Public Relations...the man who invented the concept and gave birth to the industry was once invited to the Letterman late show.. David Letterman introduced him like this: "Welcome Doctor.. Welcome"  then Letterman asked "Well... tell us all about it"...to which Bernays replied "Well, I know that when you call me 'Doctor', people are more likely to believe me" You can find this in "The Century of the Self" mini series though it's becoming harder and harder to find, because 'certain people' are conducting a cleansing of the internet of this crucial documentary.

Croome is a well honed public campaigner as long as there is no one close by with a microphone (that he will seek to dominate) and a bit of truth, he will remain unchallenged.  When Croome was at a Hawthorn (Vic) conference on gay marriage, he deflected, denied and digressed when asked if gay marriage could lead to  other groups demanding the same equality, such as Muslims (and Mormons) wanting polygamy and other groups wanting their own way.

Even though there is clear evidence of Keysar Trad from the Australian Islamic 'friendship' society already having called for public debate about equal rights for Muslim polygamous families, Croome just kept belting his own deviant drum without missing a beat.  It seems Croome does not give much weight to facts, only to that which advances the fortunes of his own narrow deviant myopic group.

Croome seems to hold that 'truth' is what which the loudest voice makes it. That didn't work out so well for a few million Jews in Nazi controlled countries a few decades ago...why should it work out any better for the likes of Croome and his deviant mates?

Rodney Croome AM, is an honorary lecturer in sociology at the University of Tasmania.  Can you actually believe this? AM? thats "member of the order of Australia"  Are they kidding?  I guess not.
How true are John Stuart Mills immortal words: (On Liberty)

All that makes existence valuable to any one, depends on the enforcement of restraints upon the actions of other people. Some rules of conduct, therefore, must be imposed, by law in the first place, and by opinion on many things which are not fit subjects for the operation of law.

What these rules should be is the principal question in human affairs; but if we except a few of the most obvious cases, it is one of those which least progress has been made in resolving. No two ages, and scarcely any two countries, have decided it alike; and the decision of one age or country is a wonder to another. Yet the people of any given age and country no more suspect any difficulty in it, than if it were a subject on which mankind had always been agreed.

So, Croome and gang are trying to reformulate the tried, trusted and tested values about human marriage and alter them to comply with an obviously un-natural counter productive, unhelpful anti social ideological agenda driven by deviant primal lust for the same gender. Croome's craving for the legimitization of his own base desires to have sex with other men is being turned into a war, waged under the banner of the shallowest possible take on the meaning of language with the  word "equality" and against those who  represent the strongest link with the foundations of our culture and social order.. the Churches.

Not only is Croome wrong, he is maliciously so, though he expresses himself in  smooth silky terms that the wolf dressed in Grandma's clothes would be proud of.  Croome cannot be called a 'fool' because he is fully cogniscent of his goals and this information. Rather than being a fool, Croome is a fanatic, but a well disguised one.
Remember there were not death camps in Germany until Hitler had power firmly in his grip. Croome will not do anything more than demonize his critics and the Churches, until the general 'tone' of the social change he seeks is more established. There might not be death camps, but there are many kinds of death....one is psychological. As Mill said earlier  "All that makes existence valuable to anyone...depends on enforcement of restraints on the actions of other people

So, I call on all Australians, to recognize the ultimately destructive agenda of the likes of Croome, Bob Brown and others, and to completely distance themselves from such fruitcakes, and to actively oppose their culpable agenda.

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