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Friday, January 3, 2014

KLUNK !!! , 'whizzz'.... sploosh... BOOOM... could this really happen?

It's that perfect day of mid 20 deg C, you decide to gather all your garden implements, the Ride on, the Brush Cutter, it's little plastic 4L fuel container, and you place the brush  cutter and it's fuel a short distance from where you are mowing.

All of a sudden, there is an almighty CLUNK (repeated over a few times) and zooooom... out flies a damn horse shoe that some clown agister had neglected to put away safely. Unfortunately, that now mangled horseshoe whizzes toward your brush cutter fuel container and SLASH.... slices right through it, then... because of the very hot spots on the horse shoe metal from it's 'come off 2nd best' encounter with the hardened steel blades of your mighty TORO ride on....  it all goes KA-BOOOOM.. 4 liters of 2 stroke up in flames, looking like one of those super hyper mega petroleum bombs the Allies unleashed on Iraq.

Nope...it didn't happen, but, it could easily have done!  It was one of those scenarios that enter a safety conscious mind when life is increasingly less by the day. Everything up to the 'slash-kaboom' happened, and now my poor cutter blades have a couple more wounds in them.

PS.  Toro Ride on Mowers. I've got a 42" unit,  an XLS420T sit on tractor type, it has ooodles of power... can handle grass 2 meters high....*cough*... ok... would you believe around one meter?  Yep...it can. BUT...and here is a very important but...the cutter box assembly is designed for very easy 'out' for servicing purposes. It has a couple of  U shaped recesses in 2 brackets, one on either side, which rest on a cross bar thingy that then clips into a hole on each side.  I find mine comes off...OFF at even the sight of undulating terrain.  I'ts soooo beyond annoying and I hope 'Toro' do something to remedy this irritating feature. Other than that for AUD$3k3  it's a boomer of a machine.

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