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Monday, January 27, 2014

Martin Luther King jr- I've been to the mountain top, I've seen the Promised land and I wear a Rolex Watch!

In a stirring speech delivered on April 4th, `1968, the night before his assassination, Dr King spoke to supporters and sounded a prophetic prelude to the events of the following day.  This was literally his last gasp at life,- living large for the oppressed lowdown and needy.

It would be wonderful if we could look back to this point, and compare it to the magnificent social change wrought by his words and mission, and indeed much of that nature has taken place. But like a pendulum, we can rightly ask if it has gone too far, achieved some unexpected consequences, and wounded a lot of wonderful people?

There were two major problems that Dr King's mission could legitimately aim at with a completely clear conscience. Discrimination (on many levels) and segregation.  We must always remember that Dr King cannot be fully understood as an individual in isolation from those who worked with him, assisted in his speech writing, shaped his focus and shared his burden.

Not all of those influences were healthy and some were quite harmful. Stanley Levison, a former member of the American communist party immediately comes to mind as one of the latter, harmful ones. Dr King operated on the level of the issues facing his own African American people, but Stanley Levison and others like Walter Reuther (UAW leader) saw much broader benefits for their own causes in being close to King and his movement.

Levison and Reuther shared a common vision of impossible utopian socialism, with Levison coming into the radar of the FBI:

FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, did not consider King to be a communist, but did consider the possibility that Levison might use or manipulate King to stimulate political unrest within the United States.
Reuther has visions of global socialism and saw the United Auto Workers Union as one step on that journey. with the added clout of the African American vote as a rich bonus.

Unfortunately that 'promised land' that King longed and worked for, has become somewhat tarnished as the emergence of Barak Obama as president and his various appointments of African Americans to key posts such as the Justice Dept, ( Eric Holder) who has ignored the most blatant examples of anti white race hate that America has seen since the worst days of pre civil rights places like Birmingham Alabama and Selma.  If these things had been done in remote insignificant corner by a nobody, it would not leave such a foul stench of racism on Holders position, but that's not how it happened. The worst case was that of "King" Shabir Shabazz, a uniformed member of the new Black Panther terror group calling in public for the murder of whites "Crackers" and the slaughter of white babies.

Australian Context

I find myself incredulous at the mind numbing naivity of some so called Christian groups who have embraced the same old same old Left wing agenda, and have put sound theology, true history and balanced sociology  on the back burner in the name of their myopic "peace" activities, calling illegal blockades legitimate 'non violent' protest in the spirit of King.  They have set themselves up as arbiters of truth, when they know very little by way of facts. Yes they are probably sincere, but sincerely wrong.  Instead of aiming at the human heart and it's need for renewal in Christ, they have resorted to a desperate attempt to attack only the symptom. (story)

The ultimate hypocrisy and surreal nature of these well meaning (I think?) but misguided protesters is that on the one hand they "Acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land" (Aboriginals) but keep on trampling on it as white people and unless they turn out to be poverty stricken homeless people, I'll guarantee they will be buying land from 'the white man' in due course, or.. making their plans in the offices built on land that they, by their confession, regard as stolen.  Of course there would be some pathetic and convoluted rationalization, there always is, to justify the bizarre and illegal antics of such deviant social justice groups. Yes they have their 'obligatory' former soldier who they now call a 'whistleblower' ...every country with a bunch of leftist pseudo Christian ferals has one or more,  But that's something they have to live with.

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