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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mao Tse Tung and Senator Cory Bernadi. What do they have in common?

When Mao was a low level functionary in the fledgling Communist Party of China, he expressed some opinions about various strategic issues that did not find a welcome in the minds of the other high level movers and shakers of the "Party".  Mao was from a humble peasant background, while the other leaders were from privileged well to do families.  So, Mao was regarded as a bit of an irrelevant enthusiast it seems. However, the reason he eventually rose to fame and good political fortune and the leadership of the Party/movement, was very simple. His views about those various important matters were known by the people, and they were right! .  In his socio-political context, he was, as we say.."spot on"..and once this became clear to the people in the movement, it placed him firmly in the 'drivers seat'.

Senator Cory Bernadi has been verbally whacked from pillar to post, harangued, harassed, and hit out at by the political Left and their attacks have tended to make the leadership on the conservative side of politics nervous enough for them to have him removed from some key positions. His 'sin' was to spell out the slippery slope that gay marriage approval would result in.  Now, everything he mentioned (in spite of the political shock of the hypocritical pious gutless wimps on his side of Politics) is manifestly true. If not in Australia, his list of outcomes are all visible for the world to see.

Now he's written a book.. (Mao did his own 'thoughts') and Bernadi's thoughts expressed in it have become a chew toy for the liberal left such as the Sydney Morning Herald in this story. The editor of the story made sure they captured the most 'wild eyed' image for use with the story, sheesh, I do it myself, especially with stories about Bob Brown!  We try to say something in the selected images that speaks much louder and more subliminally than the main body of the story itself.

Though Bernadi is as far from Mao politically as the East is from the West, I find it refreshing that when someone is 'right' ..that rightness eventually tends to emerge and be respected by truth seeking people.

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