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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kissing Babies- Is it a useful political tactic?

Kissing babies, if it is worth anything, must be used as a symbol for a baby policy and it must be synchronized with a plank in the platform. But the haphazard staging of emotional events without regard to their value as part of the whole campaign, is a waste of effort, just as it would be a waste of effort for the manufacturer of hockey skates to advertise a picture of a church surrounded by spring foliage. (Eddie Bernays-"Propaganda" 1928)

This rather short book on 'how to' for Propaganda contains some interesting concepts. Any activist group can learn much from it's content. You would be wise to keep this information in mind as you observe the conduct of the now mainstream "Greens" who have by and large abandoned the more street scuffle approach to politics for the University Educated, articulate version of the 'Feral'. While they will not appeal to the broad masses of the people, they have a threefold strategy for national dominance.
i) To use moderate sounding articulation and nuanced comment on environmentally sensitive issues.
ii) To target 'balance of power' politics, focusing on the Senate which is much more accessible to minor, even tiny parties (as our last federal election proved).
iii) To aim at the young and impressionable with emotive expressions of issues close to the heart of the young idealist.

This kind of political intrusion, even 'invasion' is one where the usual method of 'electoral might is right' is overturned by 'strategic electoral deception' on the Green's part. They appear not to care that most people hate them. Power is not about popularity in a proportional representation bicameral  political system, it's about getting the balance of power when the major parties are close and competitive. 
We are vulnerable to a tail wags dog situation and bitterly felt that jackboot while the Gillard/Rudd/Gillard government dog was shaken around by the Green tail.

When Tony Abbot is kissing babies, I suspect that the political rationale is basically to present him as 'Mr caring nice guy'.. which is fair enough politically. The same goes for Kevin Dudd-now-down-and-out Rudd. 

This entry is about alerting the public to the hidden nefarious agenda of certain parties like the Socialists and Greens (=Reds). The Greens have shown that by toning down and educating up their public persona, and tailoring their policies to the  passions of the particular electorates they hunger for (like the inner City of Melbourne) they can capture a reasonable slice of the vote.  But Hitler never said 'boo' about death camps in 1933 when he took power. (democratically by the way).

The Greens are using the 'soft shoe of persuasion' until they have power and then it will be the jackboot of the tyrant, as they've shown by how they conduct themselves in Parliament.
Be afraid.. be very afraid.... then turn that cowering cringing shameful fear into glorious, stand tall, head held high advance, and kick the Greens as far as your hobnailed Aussie boot will kick-em.


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