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Friday, January 31, 2014

John Setka (CFMEU 'Don') courts the Socialist Left Faction of the Victorian Labor Party

This is the kind of news that should make any thinking Australian wake up and sit up!  Here is a man who claims to represent the interests of his Union members, but does so at the great expense and cost to all other Victorians by making the cost of building and construction ever increasingly higher.

Strikes, blockades, supposed 'safety' issues, interrupted concrete pours, preventing work on the children's hospital, the cancer hospital, physically violent and abusive.  They are all adjectives which can be levelled fairly at John Setka and this feral Union.

The fact that he aligns himself with the 'socialist' left is mind numbing.  They are supposed to be all about equality etc... but how equal is it when a builders laborer can take home over $100k in pay and allowances and a teacher or a paramedic with a degree can take home 55-60k?  There is something very very sick in our State for ever having allowed this Union and it's swamp companion the Electrical Trades Union to raise their ugly heads above the water line. 

Education has been completely devalued, in favor of brutality, intimidation and stand-over tactics. Yet this so called 'socialist' who is in reality a thorough going capitalist.... reaping a high salary and many perks in his job as Secretary of the Construction branch of the CFMEU.

He now is crawling over broken glass to the lunatic socialist Left of the Labor party, and demonstrating that their own commitment to so called equality went out the window as soon as Setka started pulling the strings of the $6-9 million  the Union gives to the Labor party in elections. Forget equality, forget social justice, forget standing up for the underprivileged...nah.. throw all that out and sink your socialist teeth into Setka's millions.  A disgraceful shame and a demonstration of guilt by compromise, and also of the true nature of the socialist left..... greedy and powerless, but focusing their limited resources on the much amplified clout Setka can have by virtue of his millions in dirty Union money. 

Setka wants the Lunatic left to get his partner ( a lawyer) into the safe seat of Werribee.  Hmm..I wonder why he wants his partner in politics?  Perhaps then they can be partners in grime? Or the cynic might suggest 'crime'.

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