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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

JOHN SETKA.. CFMEU boss...."guilty of accepting bribes"?

According to an executive of a construction company on the radio today...he had to pay Setka $10,000 in 'materials' to renovate Setka's home after he broke up with his wife/partner.  If you feel mystified about what a Construction executive has to do with John Setka's domestic life and strife, we are on the same page!
The point is....the Unions and their Labor party enablers today waxed long and hard about "If there are allegations of corruption, they should be sent to the police"  What an absolute JOKE.

The police have two areas they always put on the 'spike' of inaction...Political and Industrial strife.
Police are just as prone to intimidation and death threats as anyone else. We also heard of a former Union official who blew the whistle on other illegal practices and he related how his life was immediately threatened.  The Police can only work with cooperative witnesses and when you stick your head up over the trench wall and you see a little red dot from a laser sight between your eyes, you know your time might be short.  The Unions have, and always will operate on the level of 'difficult to tie down' verbal threats and intimidation.  These creatures from the dark side seldom send a self addressed letter declaring a union Jihad and fatwa has been declared on so and so...nope.. it's all word of mouth and 'sudden and unexpected calamity'.

It's time to bring it right back to their doorstep.  Setka is currently trying to get his present partner preselected into a safe labor seat... hmmm I wonder what that's about ?  (Pablo Escobar the drug runner also tried to get into Columbian politics)

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