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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Job Interview. "King", "President", "Prime Minister" or.. "Prophet"

The more I contemplate life, the more convinced I am that the highest office of the land is that of .."Prophet".
Consider this, a King, President and Prime Minister are all beholden to their followers, supporters and voters.  They have much to gain and much to lose.  None of them can operate as an individual. The only person who can, is..... a Prophet in the Biblical sense.

What's that?  Firstly it is a no-gain role. You can forget the smiling Joel Osteen, and the various prosperity gospel televangelists, they are chaff that will blow away in the wind.  They seem to live opulent lifestyles, surrounded by so many things that Jesus taught against. "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul?"  "If any man would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me"....no wonder some of the disciples no longer followed Jesus, they all went off to give their money to Benny Hinn so he can live large and high, and they can live in the futile hope that they will get blessing because of giving to such shysters as Hinn. Poor fool them.

No.. a prophet, a biblical prophet is the teller of bad news usually.  He is in many ways a a "Bad news and Good news" person..(in that order too) He will never win a popularity contest, he will never be flooded with Christmas cards, if anyone remembers his birthday, it will be his mum.

The Prophet is like Micaiah who told the King exactly what he wanted to hear, but knowing the King would think about it because the King had already declared that Micaiah always tells him bad news. So when Micaiah told the king what he wanted to hear, it troubled him. Some prophets are indirect.
Hosea was not, he married a prositute to demonstrate the spiritual condition of Israel. Jeremiah was hurled down a well for his truth telling. Isaiah grieved in his soul for Israel, but he still gave God's message to the King.

The King must listen to the Prophet if he wants the nation to prosper and be socially and spiritually healthy.  Failure to do so, will result in a decline and ultimate destruction of the social order and nation.

So.. while the rewards are not just few, they are sometimes very painful for the prophet, he still holds the highest office in the Nation.  The Prophet is primarily a 'forthteller' of what will happen if the nation strays from God. He then becomes a 'foreteller' if his advice is ignored. He does not need to have a dictated message from God for this, (though some/many in the Old Testament period appear to have had a very close connection to the Almighty)..he need only use sanctified common sense, and a decent knowledge of history.

You don't enter prophethood to become rich. The opposite is true. It is a calling, and it is a gift. If a person is blessed with the New Testament gift of the Holy Spirit of prophecy, we can expect some  predictions that will indeed come true. The one common claim of 'wanna be' prophets is..."Christ will return on such and such a date"...and as soon as anyone says that you strike their name off the short list of job applicants and show them the door.  Harold Camping is one such person of recent time.

The Prophet is uncompromising, unflinching and unwavering.  He knows the Word of God, and the Way of God. He can recognize foul play behind the scenes and in the front stalls. He does not have the knowledge to run a country, his job is to keep those who do have that knowledge using it for the true benefit of the people and nation rather than themselves and their political 'machine'.

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