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Monday, January 27, 2014

In the end, is self serving family breakup worth it ?

I've just been reading about Agnetha Falskog, former Abba member. I look at early photo's of her with Bjorn, her husband for a while with whom she had two children. When he (I'm gussing it was him) broke the marriage, he had a new girlfriend within a week. Agnetha had no one, (obviously not the kind of person who have someone on the side/backburner) so she had counselling.

She endured years of personal doubt and torment over this tragic family breakup.  I recommend that if you are interested, you should read that well written story, though it is written from the kind of perspective that seems to be the nub of the problem in Bjorn's life and possibly caused the breakup.

Indeed, until the moment she turned up, even Abba's die-hard fans were dubious that Agnetha  -  pop's ultimate sex symbol  -  would make the journey from her self-imposed exile on one of Stockholm's rural outlying islands. (story linked above)
"Ultimate sex symbol"  ?   r u kidding?  I've never thought of her like that. The music was far to gigantic for such carnal visions.  It seems that this kind of sex oriented view of people is at the root of family breakdown, and of personal indignity.  

Nothing in this world can persuade me that people want faithfulness from their partners and loved ones. From our children, grandchildren and all we are connected to.  Sex is a great divider and destroyer of lives. Of course sex is great, but only in the appropriate context... and that's marriage.  I've lived, seen and felt the destructive power of this titanic inner force in those close to me.  I will never forget the nightmare which began when my own daughter solemnly said.."Dad, I'm pregnant". Long story short we managed to work around that with some difficult days and sleepless nights, but now we have a wonderful extended family and two grandchildren who we love and who love us.

It just churns me up to think of the  perilous impact of the kind of thing Bjorn did to Agnetha.

Let me simply say that a time of reflection is always worthwhile when contemplating direction and decisions that break up families.

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