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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I have the solution to poverty and homelessness...REALLY.


Today I visited a caravan park and chatted with an elderly man about  his life.  He was alone, retired and on the old age pension.  According to him, he receives $830/fortnight from the Pension.
His rental cost for a site at a Caravan Park in the outer suburbs is...$90/week.

Breaking this down:

Income   $415/week

Outgoings    $90/week  Rent.

Remaining = $325/week for food and bills.

This assumes you can provide your own caravan.

A COUPLE.  Will receive  approx $1200 total together per fortnight, or $600/week
Rent is the same, leaving $510/week for food, bills and travel.


There is no economic reason for people to be 'homeless' in Australia, but there might be a shortage of Caravan Park supply....legislation and funding together can solve that. There are a few small sacrifices, you need to use a common ablution block. Not the end of the world, we all do that at some vacation caravan park...it works for me.


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