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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I didn't die, but still went to hell! (Virtual Reality)

Oh..what a feeling! No, this isn't an Advert for Toyota, but it does describe my experience this afternoon at the hands of my son's new interest in Virtual Reality. "Dad... can you bring over such and such and while you're here you can try out the VR here".... Oh boy... little did I know.
He plonked me down on the 'electric chair' in the middle of a mountain of computers and said.. "put this on" (the VR headset thingy) then he turned on the 'juice'.... and suddenly my world was transformed into a turbulent topsy turvy ride on some rails that went higher..and higher and.....HIGHer... when I looked down it scared the *beeep* out of me. Soooo far... and then I'm still going up..up..up... and then down.. suddenly and directly.. and I felt every diabolical descending millimeter.

So...no, not quite 'hell' but it was so freaky that I found myself grabbing onto things to keep myself stable and to avoid going downnnnnn into that region below.

Virtual reality is to become part of his business, and I wish him well...I just hope he refrains from torturing other innocent parties in the process. He was talking about a virtual concert and all kinds of things.. My only comment (apart from the gasps and gulps) was.. "Ok..now monetize it so I can get my Porche". That's a joke..

I suppose much of what we experience today is along the lines of 'virtual' reality, the Media's reporting or not reporting of events, the selection and emphasis etc.. the 'tone' of the article.  I find of late though, that the Media is long on mind numbing events, but short on serious analysis.
For example..just before we had.

-"French President visits first lady in hospital"  (She had collapsed on news of his newest affair)
-Russian vigilante's target gay men. (The Russians can now see how debauched the West has become since conceding massive freedom for homosexual propaganda)
-Al Qaeda  flag flies over Fallujah. (How many innocent civilian Muslims did they massacre on the way)
-The Saudis extend a three billion dollar aid package to non Shia Muslim nations.

With all this you need to be an astute observer of history. The Saudi move is just the current installment of what began back in the 8th century between the followers of "Ali" Mohammad's son in law and the non related Caliph. This was the Abbassid/ Ummayyad conflict.

Re Russia and it's gay troubles, Russia is being portrayed in the decadent Western Media as 'the bad guy'...when in fact Russia is one of the last bastions of normalcy in the developed world. Uganda tried to clamp down on homosexual acts with rather stern "life imprisonment" and "death penalty" but ...
A Ugandan lawmaker first introduced the bill in 2009 with a death penalty clause for some homosexual acts. It was briefly shelved when Britain and other European nations threatened to withdraw aid to Uganda, which relies on millions of dollars from the international community.

So the 'international community' seems to be acting like a bunch of hairy hells angels that roll up to your cafe and explain that there a lot of bad incidents happening in the area, but for a fee, they can offer protection against them.

Scary stuff.

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