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Sunday, January 12, 2014

How long does Philanthropy last? (Affordable housing for working class blacks-Chicago)

Rosenwald is a Jewish name intimately connected to philanthropy. Julius Rosenwald devoted much of his life and fortune to helping provide schools and education for poor blacks in the 1920s.

One of his major projects was an 'affordable housing apartment block' in Chicago called the "Michigan Boulevard Gardens Apartments". As I look at the plans and images, I can see this visionary project must have done great good.

But what happened to it?

Tragic in the extreme. How would you feel if you had given millions for a public project only to discover later it is in this condition?  It lasted for "a couple of decades".  We should ask some questions about who was responsible for allowing it to deteriorate?  Perhaps because it was 'affordable' it was also unsustainable? Not enough income generated to carry out routine maintenance.
In this example you can witness with your own eyes, the sad end of a socialist system. If the 'State' is responsible, but it has other more pressing financial pressures (like building the next generation of anti capitalist nuclear weapons or something)... this project will be left hanging. But if it was a commerical operation where rents were determined with a view to maintaining the place? Ok.. probably less accessible to needy people but what good is a desolate skeleton of broken windows 20 yrs after it was built?

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