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Thursday, January 23, 2014

How the ABC (Australia) Messes with your head. (blatant Propaganda about "stop the boats" policy)

No...the ABC (yesterday) did not indulge in a 'preach-a-thon' at you about issues close to it's feral Left wing  heart... it did something far more sinister. It provided seemingly innocent and neutral "news" about 2 issues that were illustrative of it's agenda.

The news contained a number of stories, but only 2 were repeatedly highlighted and underlined in various 're-caps'.
Story 1  "Asylum seekers claim mistreatment by Australian Navy" (Navy 'forced' some people to hold scolding hot metal parts on the engine of their boat which was sent back to Indonesia.....???)

Story 2  "Police charge 7 outlaw bikers over drugs and other matters"

Again....and again...and a----gain....they repeated those 2 by lines as if they were major headlines. In the second case, it was an easily verifiable, factual story. In the first case it was very convenient 'allegations' from un-named people on an 'asylum seeker' (read ...'country shopper') boat sent back to Indonesia.

Placing these two stories back to back has a psychological impact of 'association'. It associates 'criminal bikers' with the Australian navy and more important with the current Governments "Stop the Boats" policy.  When repeated many times, this tends to re-inforce the association on the hearers mind. You don't need a degree in psychoanalysis to work this out, it's the most basic form of 'gossip'.

So....there is every chance that 'the people' ie... myself and some others, will rock up to the ABC with a very loud PA system, and engage in our own form of 'propaganda' to set the record straight and expose this nefarious example of social manipulation for the world to see.

If you cannot 'control' the News.....then BE the news!

Despite increasing skepticism by other Media outlets, the ABC is sticking to the story of Navy Abuse.
Consider this.
It all hinges on the words of a highly motivated, desperate country shopper, who, along with others have resorted to self harm to draw attention to their situation.  It is abusrd to think  Australian Naval personnel suddenly discovered their 'sadistic' side after all the many encounters with these would be immigrants. It's strange that this suddenly discovered cruelty occurs on the word of the most Left Wing, Labor party supporting, supposedly public news outlet in the country.

i) Statement by country shopper on boat that Aussie Naval personnel abused him, forced him to grasp hot engine parts, burning his hands.
ii) ABC runs with this as if it were fact.
iii)ABC repeats this very small and insignificant unverified report,  as a major headline... and recaps it many times, usually with some other bad news story about some evil. (associative psychology)
iv) Why did the ABC select this tiny story to make a headline, when I'm sure there are at least a hundred other Australians who would be saying much worse about our police?
v) Once the ABC made this non-story a headline, major politicians were being reported for their reactions, along with media releases by the Indonesian government.   The tiny story is escalated into a major story, without a shred of evidence.
vi) The story dominates the news for a few days such as how it is now amplified by the Sydney Morning Herald (a left wing rag)

There is clearly an agenda at work.  I'm surprised the ABC has not yet blamed the Aussie Navy for the blisters on Rafael Nadal's hands. (Tennis).

I've done this myself, (to my surprise)... I came across some strongly racist video's on youtube from "Lebo Thugs".. they were expressing hate toward Australia and Australians. I wrote to a number of key people, including links to the story, (Prime Minister, Opposition leader, major Media and police)
The next day.... it was everywhere and people emerged from all kinds of levels of society to be 'relevant' to this news.  In that case the evidence was there for all to see, there was no 'allegation'...it was blatant visible fact. Such is not the case for this silly ABC innuendo about 'Naval Bullies'.

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