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Sunday, January 12, 2014

From Forced Labor to Free Trade-Garstang, Lancashire, England..

Lancaster was a port in England that thrived due to commerce and trade, including tobacco, coffee and slaves. Tonight, while watching Songs of Praise, they covered the transition of Lancaster to a fair trade.

The Fair Trade Town campaign was first launched in 2001 in Garstang, Lancashire, under the initiative of Bruce Crowther, a local Oxfam supporter, and the Garstang Oxfam Group. The initiative, which aimed to promote Fair Trade certified goods in the town, was highly successful: within a couple of months, awareness of the Fairtrade Mark jumped to over 70% in the town while sales of Fairtrade certified goods increased significantly. Moreover, over the course of the campaign, Garstang developed links with Fair Trade cocoa farming communities in West Africa, which led to the twin town relationship with New Koforidua, Ghana.

I think this basically means that the citizens of Garstang now pay more for their coffee. I won't swear to it, but how could they not?  The only way I can think of is to completely bypass the middle men traders on the local scene, and go direct. If this is possible, it's a good thing. So, to the extent that this works and is  sustainable economically, I'm all for it.  I dare say though that if it does mean the Poms pay more for it, when times get tough fair trade will probably fly out the window on the wings of necessity.

But wait...what about......

The strategy used by the Bruce Crowther  was to write to the heads of various local entities like schools and churches to encourage them to get on board.
I wonder how they would react if someone tried to start a 'freedom from religious oppression' group which demanded the dismantling of all Islamic networks and entities in the region?  Somehow, as I look around the world, it seems in almost every major and minor conflict, there are muslims involved. The list would fill this page. How long it will be before they begin to cause serious disruption in the UK is anybodies guess, but with the foot soldiers being trained now in Syria via Al Nusra and other Al Qaeda linked groups, it won't be too long.

British intelligence is pretty sharp, after all "M" runs it right? and "Q" makes all the whizz bang weapons and gadgets.  They did a rather shabby job of anticipating the 7/7 bombers, but have done better on a number of other groups.  The point though is, that this is entirely predictable, and inevitable. Here is how it works:

i) Influx of Muslims through normal immigration and assylum seeking.
ii) Lack of employment and or perceived social non inclusion creates many angry young men.
iii) Radical elements capitalize on this unhappiness and try to multiply themselves.
iv) Eventually the radicals will try to take control of the whole community by force.
v) War.

When you look at Malmo Sweden, and see that it is the "inclusive/tolerant" policies of the social democrat leftist party that threw the doors open, you might comprehend more of why Anders Breivick did what he did to the budding next crop of Leftist idiots in Finland.

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