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Saturday, January 4, 2014

English Defence League former leader Tommy Robinson Embraces Islam?

At the Battle of Yarmouk on 15th August  636, Muslim armies and Byzantine Armies arrayed for battle. At the opening of the decisive conflict, at dawn both armies lined up for battle less than a mile apart. It is recorded in Muslim chronicles that before the battle started, George, a unit commander in the Byzantine right center, rode up to the Muslim line and converted to Islam; he would die the same day fighting on the Muslim side.

Tommy has been under more pressure and intense scrutiny from all sides during his EDL time. His children have been threatened with beheading, he has been assaulted in his car by a Muslim and numerous other outbreaks of trouble have come down upon him, not to mention tension in the EDL ranks from various sub groups who have sought to capitalize on the movement for their own more narrow and incendiary agendas.

In fact, the EDL sounds a lot like the problem plaqued Byzantine army just prior to Yarmouk. I wonder how the Byzantine troops who were led by this 'George' character would have felt when he abandoned them before the battle to convert publicly to Islam? Natually it would be very demoralizing and create a notable weak point in the Byzantine Army, a point that an astute Muslim commander could capitalize on during the battle.

I doubt that "Tommy" would convert to Islam, but it would be the first or the last time that a high profile "enemy of Islam" had done just that.  The first contemporary name that comes to mind is
Arnoud van Doorn former vice chairman of Geert Wilders Freedom Party.

He said: “I have heard many negative stories about the Islam, but I am not a person who follows opinions of others without doing my own research and forming my own opinion.
Therefore, I have actually started to deepen my knowledge of the Islam out of curiosity.
“My colleague Aboe Khoulani from the city council in The Hague has brought me further into contact with the as-Soennah mosque, which has guided me even further. There, I have been received very warmly and very positively.”

His pathway is very predictable, and sounds like the usual scripted version from Islamic converts who had previously not known a living faith experience as Christians, or, simply had a rather empty secular (non) belief system.  If this man had thoroughly researched Islam he would have paid some attention to it's so called prophet, and the diabolical conduct he manifested, much of which would be considered war crimes or crimes against humanity to day. He would also have discovered that underneath Muhammad's white robes lurked a  dirty and dark heart of degeneracy, seething with lust. He would have also found in the Quran, ample evidence of the  lowest of bottom feeding filth, such as in chapter 65 about divorce.  The 4th verse refers to young prepubescent  vulnerable children who are commodified, and can be married, sexually invaded and then cast aside like an oily rag in divorce.  This is not an 'opinion' it is the detailed verdict of one of their own, Abul Ala Maududi an Islamic commentator who occupies a position of considerable reverence in todays Islamic world. 

In his "Tafheem Al Quran" he writes of verse 4
Therefore, making mention of the waiting-period for the girls who have not yet menstruated, clearly proves that it is not only permissible to give away the girl in marriage at this age but it is also pemssible for the husband to consummate marriage with her. Now, obviously no Muslim has the right to forbid a thing which the Qur'an has held as permissible. (source)
(goto Surah 65  "At Talaq" then scroll down to verse 4, then to paragraph *13)

I will not sully this page further with Islamic filth, but the citation above is backed up by an authentic hadith from Muhammad that confirms that the children in question are pre pubescent.

The point is, any person who seriously seeks for truth about Islam and it's vile prophet will never accept 'guidance' from the nearby Mosque.  That is like asking the Roman Catholic Church for information about paedophile priests. ie...patently ridiculous.

I think "Tommy" knows enough about this kind of thing to hold back from what will undoubtedly be offered to him from 'friendly' Muslim corners.

In all this, I am still partly encouraged by the level of intelligence gathering by our securities agencies, as evidenced by a very rich and fruitful (though I think a little reckless) talk on C-PAC by Matthew Levitt, a counter terrorism operative from the USA.  I find it a bit silly though, that he would outline in graphic detail the methods used by intelligence services such as the FBI etc in infiltrating and capturing various infamous Islamist identities. If I was a member of Hamas, I'd be drinking in every word he spoke in that particular talk. (which was about Hamas among other things)

However, being confident at the anti terrorism level is one thing. Confidence in our social cohesion and spiritual robustness to counter Islamic intrusion is an entirely different matter. Our education system is bereft of anything with teeth that would prepare our youth for a dangerous tomorrow, and provides not one iota of spiritual foundation for young people who might one day be called on to put their lives on the line to defend our nation and freedom. I find the EDL also is a bit like a blind man grasping after something familiar  when his guide dog has gone astray.  They have mentioned such things as 'our traditions' and even made the occasional reference to 'our Christian way' kind of thing, but I am unconvinced, even repulsed by the shambolic and chaotic level of education on such things emanating from the EDL.

A clear and distinct ideology is an absolute necessity for any movement. Even Hitler was adamant about that, and he required all inner circle members of the German workers party to have a 'living faith' in that ideology.  Their ideology was less than perfect to understate the matter,  but it should not be beyond the capabilities of EDL leadership to come up with a much stronger ideological position than the current one (such as it is).

 If you take the time to read that link above, you might have any of a number of intense reactions. It could be negative, if you happen to be an admirer of Left wing politics, or if you consider yourself to be just a 'tolerant inclusive' individual.  I defend the tone and direction of that piece by affirming that in contrast to blatant calls for revolution in the Left web sites, this does not call for that. Revolutionary it would be, make no mistake about that!  But only by National concensus.



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