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Sunday, January 12, 2014

East West Tunnel Protesters, your Waterloo draweth nigh.

Some people are sincere in their political activism, and their passion is based on balance. Others, like both the ultra Left and ultra Right tend to be unbalanced.

Today I wish to address the efforts of the unbalanced and confused hotch potch of Protesters who I reckon have been well paid by  the Herald Sun to provide about 3 pages of 'fight fight fight'  schoolyard level copy  on an otherwise slow news day!  As someone once said. If two men are standing on the side of the freeway having a discussion, it's ho hum...but if they are belting into each other with fists and tyre irons... that's "news".

Well the problem with these E/W protest group is they are about 30% insincere, because apparently that's the percentage of them who are from the Socialist Alliance/Alternative/Resistance etc. Reds...filthy (literally) Commies. These people are filled with hatred and animosity.

They are opposed to progress, and if the plan was to build the Doncaster rail link they would find a reason to protest against that too. It's in their political DNA. They dress themselves in the clothes of compassion and the trimmings of tolerance, but they deploy the fiery darts of division and plunge in the jackhammer of demolition wearing the jackboots of the tyrant. Video is available of criminal Anthony Main hurling an elderly man to the bitumen at Somerton in a cruel and  blatant assault .

They are in fact like the wolf which had consumed Granny, and was waiting in her clothes for Red Riding Hood to arrive so he could eat her too.  RRH noted Granny's  unusual appearance in her correct clothes, and finally "Grandma, what big teeth you have"  ...and the wolf shouted "All the better to EAT you with!!!"
So..Red Riding Hood screamed and called the Woodcutter nearby, who rocked up with his large axe and despatched the vile wolf in an instant.

Dare I say.. "We" are the woodcutter, and the people of the Eastern Suburbs AND the Western suburbs who equally want to be able to cross Melbourne without a Carmageddon experience through Racecourse and Cemetary roads in Flemington/Parkville are Red Riding Hood.  She is calling, and we are coming.

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