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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Confused Minds lead to Callous hearts?

The late Dr George Mosse  of the U Wisconsin History Faculty used to tell his sophomore (first year) students that he judged the success of his course by the number of suicides at the end of it! (he was not kidding, he says)

Most modern minds which have not had the privilege of a higher education are....confused. Sadly many which have had that benefit are still confused at the end. So where does it lead? There are a number of possibilities. i) The therapist's very expensive couch?  ii) Abandonment of previously held values? iii) Embracing of even more loopy sentimentalism as the final retreat for the ideologically retarded and hopeless?

In Anthropological terms, there are basically two outcomes for encountering a new and foreboding reality. (Culture Shock)  First you reject the new, cling to the old and glorify it...while simultaneously picking the eyes out of and denigrating the new.  Secondly, some people 'go native' and reject the old, embrace the new and try to over compensate by trying to be what they are not.

Learning that your accumulated sentiments are nothing but just that, rather than hard core enduring facts must be quite a challenge for todays gimme generation!  I was stunned to hear the other day on the 'Blind Station' (1017 AM-Australia) that the 'modern' teaching method for primary children no longer includes 'rote' methodogy for such things as times tables and spelling. If a child mis-spells a word the teacher will not point out the problem but just praise the correct parts.  This is nothing but a warped and dangerous application of way past use-by date Skinnerian behaviorist psychology.

Imagine the shock for young "never been told you are wrong" people who face repeated rejection at job interviews?  Umm.. I feel a strong temptation to blurt out "It's all a Commy plot to weaken us"...which seemed a bit far fetched until I read the web site of one Kathy Walker of "The Walker Learning Method"  ...which, since I began criticizing it and exposing the source of the method, has now been changed to use different terminology to hide the real source. (grrrrr)
This is how they describe the current approach:

The Walker Learning Approach is based upon an interactionist theoretical construct using a mix of biological and neurological perspectives alongside a socio cultural perspective.(source)

Really?  There home page says: " It (the Learning Method)  is based upon decades of research about play-based and personalised learning and social constructivism."(source)

Woops.. "Red" alert 12 o'clock!   What the heck is..."Social Constructivism" ? Who 'invented' this and more importantly..'why?'

It harks back to a Jewish communist named Lev Vigotsky who

After his release from hospital Vygotsky did theoretical and methodological work on the crisis in psychology, but never finished the draft of the manuscript and interrupted his work on it around mid-1927. The manuscript was later published with notable editorial interventions and distortions in 1982 and presented by the editors as one of the most important Vygotsky's works. In this early manuscript, Vygotsky argued for the formation of a general psychology that could unite the naturalist objectivist strands of psychological science with the more philosophical approaches of Marxist orientation. However, he also harshly criticized those of his colleagues who attempted to build a "Marxist Psychology" as an alternative to the naturalist and philosophical schools. Arguing that if one wanted to build a truly Marxist Psychology, there were no shortcuts to be found by merely looking for applicable quotes in Marx' writings, rather one should look for a methodology that was in accordance with the Marxian spirit. (source)

The approach referred to here is.. "Social Constructivism"

Well... hopefully this does not cause mass panic and hysteria among hard working parents struggling to pay off their mortgages while their /our little angels are being subjected to the fantasies of people like Vigotsky and Walker who are trying to reduce our infants to malleable specimens to form the foundation for a future Socialist Utopia (that's never going to happen).

Back to confused and callous. I think that encountering higher education is quite  likely to shred the socialization of a parental generation, crush the cultural accretions of childhood and adolescence and stymie the spiritual solidarity passed down from mum and dad and Church.  This seems to explain the rampant promiscuity, ratbag conduct and rebellion that seems to characterize the modern tertiary student.

When suitably mentally  denuded by dodgy schooling, they are ready to be dragged off by degenerates like Anthony Main** to some myopic narrow minded protest against a tunnel that will manumit Melbourne's end-of-freeway slaves  from massive  grid lock.

Callous doesn't even come close to the kind of conduct of ferals like Anthony Main and his thug mates.

But for others.. once you are crushed with the collective of Marxist University lecturers, and infected with their misguided hate, and have willingly subjected your self to being reduced to being defined by pathetic shallow simplistic slogans like "tax the rich" "people before profit"  then the next step in your slow intellectual death is.. to become callous.

(** Main is the one hurling the elderly man to the bitumen at a protest)

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