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Monday, January 6, 2014

Comedy which Corrodes and Entertainment that Erodes Social values.

Corrosive comedy is a bit like nitrous oxide that makes you laugh while the dentist yanks out your wisdom tooth! The pain....is masked.  There is a crushing momentum overcoming us like a tsunami  of sewage water, that masquerades as 'light hearted fun' and one of the most corrosive shows on TV would have to be "Will and Grace".

Call me a wowser, a loser  and umpteen other names that float your mental boat, it matters not.  We must eventually face the consequences of allowing our collective moral attitude to social conduct to fall so far in such a short time. Sexual deviance is the theme of this show, and it tries to normalize Will and Jack's homosexuality,  by intertwining it with very well written scripts, backed up by energy packed performances of Debra Messing and Megan Mullally and of course Sean Hayes as Jack.

Let's consider the writers. Max Mutchnick.  He is himself homosexual. Then there are David Kohan, Kari Lizer and Jenji Kohan. (sister of David)  It appears they are all Jewish. Given Mutchnick is homosexual and Jewish, we would be entitled to ask if he has any other agenda than to just validate and normalize his own sexual deviancy through the characters in the show?

An example of this is found in 'Triple Exthnics'  which will be very revealing if you take the short time to read both of the pages it occupies.

Any student of history, especially that of Germany and Berlin in the 20s and 30s will recognize the same elements and trends involved now, which in that earlier time 'created' Hitlers avowed hatred for Jews. (He did not begin his political pilgrimage with anti Jewish feeling).

If we simply don't care about sexual normality, if we have tossed out the ethics baby along with the cultural and entertainment bathwater, then we can expect to experience some divine chastizement.
I suggest one of the primary manifestations of this "worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes" attitude that permeates the sad masses of America will be when people actually realize that every member of their family.. bar none.. now owes $50,000 on top of all else that they owe. This means a family of say mum, dad and three children will have a combined debt of $250,000  which is their share of the National Debt right now.

You can bet that the pernicious politicians will do every magic trick in the book to hide this bleeding pus oozing sore until after the next election,  but that would only forestall "Judgement Day" that will come from the foreign banks, the people, and anyone else stupid enough to lend Obama money.  If it does not come from any of them, perhaps it will come from the Almighty?   If that happens, the following quotation will ring true.

28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matt 10)

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