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Sunday, January 12, 2014

CNN'S Christiane Amanpour is Stupid, naive or ignorant or, is paid to act and sound that way.

CNN's Christiane Amanpour is really a nice lady I feel. She tries to do a good journalistic job of cutting through the usual rubbish, froth and bubble about many issues and drives into the heart of it.
Except, that is, when it comes to tribalism and Islam.

I've just watched her imply to some person she was interviewing about the Iraq violence,   that an inclusive government is the solution to the upsurge in sectarian violence there.

This is the standard and stupid uneducated social liberal view that all you have to do is... "include" people and utopia will reign.  The problem with this view is that it's patently wrong!  It is wrong on many grounds. Experientially it does not work.  The reason it doesn't work is simple. The polarized groups in placed like Iraq are tribal, and ideological.  The ideological differences are Sunni vs Shia Islam, a bit like the old spy vs spy cartoon in Mad Magazine.

Historically, Iraq was dominated by the Sunni's under Sadaam Hussein. His regime oppressed and repressed his own group but far more the Shia and Kurds.  Why did he feel he needed to 'repress' them?  This is where we need to send Amanpour off to Yale or somewhere to learn some psychology and then to Wisconsin Uni to learn history, then to Harvard to learn Political science. (all of which have been the sources of my own self education) The most important and valuable of them, is University of Wisconsin and the history program of the late George Mosse. (still available on free mp3)  Combined, all of those institutions of higher learning should theoretically, persuade Christiane that she is irrational to assume that including some representatives from each group in government will solve the sectarian problem. But if that doesn't.. I suppose she can just read this blog?

The psychology of humanity is firmly based on the idea of genetic preservation and preference and group identity. None of those higher learning places gave any credence to God as a life changing force other than, to my utter surprise - Mosse (a gay Jew)  who came the closest to convincing me of the worthiness of Calvinism, mixed with some Luther as the most workable social force. So.. for the sake of this discussion we can leave the Almighty out of it. (he won't be offended...trust me)
Given the fundamental psychological and historical nature of mankind, it is utterly impossible on any grounds to expect anything other than "me and mine first second and third" to be at work in tribes. Tribes are genetically connected in themselves and as a totality they express that genetic connection in solidarity which does not recognize what we westerners would see to be rational truth.

"Truth" to the tribe is what works for the tribe.. it's as simple as that.

So, Christiane is either ignorant of this, or she is paid and instructed to 'look' like it doesn't matter.

I am waiting for the day when she resigns and does her memoirs where she explains all this to us. An example of how that works is the wonderful breath of fresh air that Maxine McKew who has the famous tag of having won former Prime Minister John Howard's seat from him for the Labor party in the Australian federal election.  She explains in her lecture here how idealism was bludgeoned into disillusionment by the jackhammer of cynical political reality once she had the job.

In the meantime, I worry that secular people will listen to Christiane Amanpour and think.. "yes yes...that's what they need" (an inclusive government) No.. that's not just wrong it's absurdly so. The Sunni's had it too good back when Sadaam was in charge and the Shia suffered. Now the Shia (majority) are in the drivers seat and do you realllllly think they've forgotten that suffering and will forgive and forget? Of course not!  That's why the Sunni are currently on the warpath. But make no mistake... the Sunni are not seeking some kind of idealistic Western liberal concept of 'equality' (though they might express it that way in interviews) no...no....NO....when they say "equality" they mean 'dominance'.

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