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Monday, January 13, 2014

Central African Republic-The Violence Unveiled.

"It's impossible to live with the Muslims. We don't want Arabs in Central Africa," said a young man looting a mosque. (source)

The C.A.R. has approximately 10% Muslim population. So the impartial observer is entitled to ask how and why Michel Djotodia (A Muslim, in spite of his Christian sounding name) became the self proclaimed President in the aftermath of the Rebel attacks on the Capital and the corrupt regime of the previous president Bozize?

The head of the local Red Cross, pastor Antoine Mbaobogo, said those who were looted when the mainly Muslim Seleka rebels arrived in March last year were now looting in turn(see above source)

That last sentence explains the sudden rise in anti Muslim feeling!  As with all social, religious and racial groups, the Muslims would have done what any group desiring power would do..consolidate that power along it's own sectarian lines.  This would feel like the 'coarse' side of a cheeze grater on your face to non Muslims, hence the current hostility.

As with most conflicts in Africa today, it can be explained in terms of Muslim vs the others. No doubt there will be the presense of Al Qaeda linked radicals lurking in the shadows, seeking to turn this minority into a very dominant Sharia driven power block.

If the West does not learn from this, and become wise enough to hurl so called "human rights" laws out the window when it comes to incremental Muslim immigration and intrusion, it is doomed to the same fate as the C.A.R.

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