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Monday, January 6, 2014

Can the length of your hair get you killed?

In pre and post revolutionary China it could.  The point of this entry is to show how, when a society experiences a displacement of power, the symbols of the old regime become a liability, just like they were a symbol of solidarity with the old regime while it had power.

In Imperial China, men had to wear their hair long in a pigtail to show subservience to the Emperor. If a chinese man did not have a long pigtail, he could be reported and beheaded.  Once the Communists became active and the Emperor was about to be overthrown, agitators cut off the pigtails of many people. This caused them utter dismay, because the lack of a pigtail 'branded' the person as a disrespectful revolutionary and liable to execution.

However, when the Communist gained power, the tables were completely turned around. Those with pigtails were the revolutionaries, or more accutately "counter-revolutionaries" and...could be executed.

In the West today, we find this same kind of power struggle and attack on our symbols and cultural values, and it's from the same malignant forces but there is a critical difference. Todays  'communist revolutionaries'  are the articulate, persuasive, educated environmentalists and global warmists. I need to define 'Global Warmist' for the sake of this article. I do not mean those who have genuine concerns based on credible evidence, I mean those who have taken the implications of the evidence and applied them to a completely different agenda of 'wealth redistribution' rather than serious climate change abatement measures.  

Those who deny the climate change situation, are banded 'counter revolutionaries' and under circumstances not far from those we have now, executions, incarcerations, public humiliations are all closer than we think.

Hati hati, Jaga jaga.  Be careful, watch out.

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