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Friday, January 17, 2014

Barak Obama- the New Tyrant dressing in the attire of love, while hating inside.

You only need one thing to understand and agree with this assertion in the title. An objective mind, and good will.  What you don't need is allegiance to a particular party. If you are Democrat or Republican, the facts are what they are, and your party loyalty should not blind you to the bleeding blatant truth.

Sadly, if you are a Democrat, you will probably be more forgiving of Obama than if you are Republican, and if you are also Black.... tragically, you might be twice as willing to forgive.

But be honest with yourself!  Look at how he is acting. Over-riding the congress and acting "as far as I can" he says without them.  You can put as much or as little meaning into that phrase, but I simply ask that you consider the last time a President requested "Broad Executive Power"...it was FDR and it was a time of national emergency in the continuing impact of the depression. You might wonder about this when you hear that Joseph Goebells, Hitlers propaganda minister said in an interiew that he highly commended this step, because it was a huge step towards America becoming a National Socialist nation!

If justice really rolled down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream, as MLKjr said in his Dream speech, but when a black man on the streets of America uses a megaphone to say...

"I hate white people... I hate every last iota of them crackers. You want freedom ? you're going to have to kill some crackers, you are going to have to kill some of their babies."

Then.... if this happens (and it did) while a black man in president and a black man is in charge of the justice dept.....then I suggest that no honest man, black or white will hesitate to say "Something is wrong!.... this is not the dream, it is a nightmare"  It is just a swing of the pendulum to the opposite extreme.  The problem is not that  this man 'said' what he said, the problem is that a black dominated political machine does nothing about it. The evidence of hate crime is clear, and unmistakable, it's a no brainer, so when it is ignored...is it not like a white jury setting a guilty white man free after being charged with murdering a black man?

So... my dear American friends, of all political persuasions. You should remove this evil man...Obama. He is not evil because he is black, he is evil because he fails to use his power to bring "Justice rolling down like water" and ensure that a man is convicted because of his conduct and not the color of his skin.

It would be a great tragedy of history if the first black president turned out to be one of the worst presidents of all. On the present evidence, it seems this is the case. There are many black people who would make worthy presidents, who would rule with fairness and justice, but their voices are stifled, their abilities are crippled by the shackles of segregation and the chains of discrimination, but this time it is not based on skin color but political persuasion.  These noble examples of humanity, languish in the corners of America and find themselves to be exiles in their own land.

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